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Prymevyl: One on One with Stefanie

Prymevyl: One on One with Stefanie

By Stefanie Newell

Prymevyl is an up and coming Hip Hop/Reggae artist from Buffalo, New York. His environment molded him as a man and an artist. I had a chance to get to know Prymevyl through his life and his music, listen in:

Stefanie: Okay your artist name is Prymevyl correct?

Prymevyl: Yeah that’s my stage name.

Stefanie: Okay well that’s an interesting stage name. Can you give our readers the background behind your name Prymevyl?

Prymevyl: Well Prymevyl basically signifies the good and bad. Nobody’s perfect, everybody has a good and bad side to them, so that’s basically where that name came from.

Stefanie: What genre do you consider yourself because I’m hearing both reggae and Hip Hop?

Prymevyl: Yes I’m hip-hop slash reggae, cause I do both. I was born in Nigeria and I was raised in the inner-city but I moved up to Brooklyn, New York as a teenager and I currently reside in Buffalo so Hip Hop basically was always my background for me moving to the United States and living in the projects and experiencing the street life, Hip Hop just basically rubbed off on me.

Stefanie: So is this your first project?

Prymevyl: Yeah this is basically the first project and we got another project just for my artist on my label.

Stefanie: Oh you also have a label?

Prymevyl: Yeah I’m the CEO of Wyze Sonz Entertainment, the label. And I’m promoting the current album.

Stefanie: Okay so lets talk about that label a little bit, what kinds of things are you trying to do with your label?

Prymevyl: Oh we are trying to make it! Trying to do it all. Right now I’m being considered for being on a soundtrack in an upcoming movie and we’re still trying to work out the details and finalize everything. We just trying to do it. Movie soundtracks…I got R&B artists, a band called Hardened, and Hip Hop artists, so basically we gon be doing it.

Stefanie: How many artists do you have signed to your label right now?

Prymevyl: I got three artists.

Stefanie: Okay.

Prymevyl: I got me, Hardened the R&B/Hip-Hop crew and I got Ninja Dynamite, that’s my dancehall artist.

Stefanie: All right so “Prymevyl is also the name of your album right?

Prymevyl: Correct.

Stefanie: Okay so your album is self-titled, why don’t you tell our readers what they will hear when they purchase a Primevyl album?

Prymevyl: When you purchase the album, you gon get the real, cause basically I’m talking about stuff that I been through, things that I’ve done and basically its just all coming from the heart, we serious and all that. A lot of readers will be able to relate to it cause a lot of people probably have the same background and been through the same stress that I been through so…

Stefanie: So what are some of things you’ve been through?

Prymevyl: Being on the streets has been basically hectic. It’s not easy being out here, as you know I’m doing everything, everything I do independently its on me. Its like, it’s a lot of a**holes and a lot of b.s. I gotta go through to make things happen and that sh*t. Basically cause we not making it yet, you know what I mean?

Stefanie: Right.

Prymevyl: We gon start letting the music speak for itself though. I’ll show the readers that definitely we’re not a disappointment.

Stefanie: Why did you choose a self-titled album your first time out? Cause that’s coming out big, you went for the gusto.

Prymevyl: Yeah that’s it! This first album is basically to tell the people about me. It gives you a look. Cause my life story… I think its not just that primarily… its not gon be that, it’s gon keep coming. You know what I’m saying? I might have the Prymevyl Volume II, it’s like a kick off. I’m a keep experiencing new things, going through new problems, so I’m always gonna tell the story about me so people can know who I really am. You listen to my music from the beginning to the end, you get a clear picture of where I’m coming from and what I been through. So its like it doesn’t stop, the story don’t stop, it’s continuing problems and stuff.

Stefanie: Out of the songs you've created, what is your personal favorite, and why?

Prymevyl: Living with Pain.

Stefanie: Okay tell us about “Living with Pain”.

Prymevyl: It basically tells about my upbringing, where I’m coming from, problems…I’m not a bad person, but hey look at the environment I came up in. I grew up… I was born in the ghettos of the inner city of Nigeria. Anybody that know the ghetto, then they know what I’m talking about. And I stayed in the unfortunate section of the Brooklyn projects, Fort Greene. It’s like I’ve seen a lot. I’m in the ghettos of Buffalo, New York. It’s a lot going on out here, you know what I’m saying? You just gotta keep your head above water so you don’t get drowned.

Stefanie: Who did the production on your album?

Prymevyl: I did.

Stefanie:: Oh you did the production too? So not only do you have a label that you’re promoting but you also do the production?

Prymevyl: Exactly.

Stefanie: Okay, that’s hot.

Prymevyl: That’s why I said we’re doing everything.

Stefanie: Yeah you are doing everything!

Prymevyl: Aiight!

Stefanie: Okay so we’ve talked about the album, we talked about your label, w hat inspired you to become an artist?

Prymevyl: Since I was a child, I’ve always wanted to be a recording artist and that’s something where my moms will look at me and be like, “yeah I remember when you use to sit up there with a pen or whatever you could use as a microphone and stand in front of the TV.”

Stefanie: (laughing) How old were you then?

Prymevyl: This was like in…I don’t remember actually. So then she tells me that...I’m laughing cause I don’t remember this. So I must’ve been like two, three years old…

Stefanie: Oh wow!

Prymevyl: I’ve always admired artists Bob Marley, Eddie Grant, Yellowman and Kurtis Blow. That was my first eye opener into Hip Hop. Rakim, Kool G. Rap and people like that…It’s like when I look at these people I’m inspired by them, especially if the music is good and I can relate to what they’re saying. That makes me feel like okay its somebody coming from a similar background as me. That there able to do this, I think I can do it too! I’m inspired by my children too.

Stefanie: Oh you have kids?

Prymevyl: Yeah I have three.

Stefanie: What are there names and ages?

Prymevyl: My first is a girl Oshiorenua. That’s a Nigerian name. She’s 7 and she will be 8 in September. My son Omoalukhe Jr., will be 5 in February and my third is 5 months and his name is Okhafimafe.

Stefanie: Has your children influenced your music any?

Prymevyl: Definitely. Every time I look at my kids and they look at me, they the reason I keep on with it. Plus my fans that support me. They the reason I keep doing it. I gotta give them something to look up to apart from the streets. I don’t want my kids to grow up in the streets or nothing like that and go through the struggles that I go through. So I gotta make it happen for my kids. I gotta give them something to look forward to.

Stefanie: What kind of fan base do you have? I heard you mention your fans.

Prymevyl: I got a fan base all over cause my music is in New York, in Nigeria. You can get it on the Internet: www.towerrecords.com. So its like, I got fans everywhere. All over the states: Cali, D.C, wherever and I appreciate them.

Stefanie: What do you think of the current state of Hip Hop?

Prymevyl: Current state of Hip Hop is stagnant, it’s stagnant. Everybody is saying the same thing, know what I mean? They gotta come with new ideas, new sound and I think I’m bringing something to the table, to Hip Hop where I wont be just another artist…spice it up! I get good reaction whenever I do shows so I’m definitely loving it!

Stefanie:: Name 5 CD’s for me that you currently have in your CD player.

Prymevyl: I got Prymevyl.

Stefanie: (laughs)

Prymevyl: (laughs) You know I got that.

Stefanie: Right.

Prymevyl: And I got Jay Z. I got Bob Marley’s Greatest Hits, Sister Carol a Jamaican Reggae artist and 50 Cent.

Stefanie: That’s a vast rang! I understand that you are currently on a promotional tour, what cities are you visiting and tell me how it all came about?

Prymevyl: Yeah basically my manager is trying to set it up and try to go on an all American club tour and hopefully a college tour. My manager, you know what I’m saying, big shout outs to you! I was in Rochester, did some shows in Buffalo and I got another show coming up on Monday (6/27/05). I’m supposed to be on Comcast cable channel 24 in Atlanta.

Stefanie: Okay that’s wonderful.

Prymevyl: I’m looking forward to doing the show!

Stefanie: What are your future goals as far as your music is concerned? As far as your label is concerned?

Prymevyl: Keep it going! It’s never gon stop! I gotta get my artists lined up, when I drop this compilation CD the fall of this year. I got Uniik’s solo album coming out. I got Dynamite, my dancehall artist. I gotta come out with my second album. Cause you know this Prymevyl album is my first album. I’m supposed to do production for this UK artist by the name of Serocee. I’m supposed to do a project for T Sola. So we still trying to work on all those projects and I’m just trying to do it and try and put the name, the production and our talent out there.

Stefanie: So for those people who are interested in hearing your album, where can they get it?

Prymevyl: You can get it at www.towerrecords.com and you can get it on my official site www.prymevyl.com.

Stefanie: Well it was wonderful speaking to you, are there any final words?

Prymevyl: Yeah ya’ll go cop the album!

Stefanie: (laughs)

Prymevyl: (laughs) Anybody looking for production, trying to book a fly artist, holla at me! You know what I mean? I’ll make it happen for ya’ll.

If you are a Hip Hop or R&B artist and would like to be considered for an interview or feature, please email me at stefanie.newell@gmail.com

Story by Stefanie Newell

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