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UnRated Magazine Review: Chicago July 26, 2002
Band Concert Review
Pink on supporting tour with Lenny Kravitz

Pink on supporting tour with Lenny Kravitz

Chicago July 26, 2002

By Adam Bielawski

The beautiful young Diva known as Pink was born buy the name of Alecia Moore on September 8, 1979, outside Philadelphia in Doylestown, PA. Raised as a performer from a young age, Pink was active in the Philadelphia club scene throughout her teens.

Just recently completing a tour schedule of headlining, Pink took up as the supporting act of Lenny Kravitz for the summer of 2002. We had the opportunity to see this flamboyant pop singer in concert at Tweeter Center Chicago on July 26, 2002. Thousands of young women were seen emulating Pink in pure pop icon status. Showing their loyal support for the young powerhouse voice that meets all bounds in the scales of today's pop music.

A fully energetic crowd cheered as Pink started her set with the new hit single off her new release, "M!ssundaztood" by Arista Records. "Get The Party Started", probably Pink's biggest single to date got everyone into the mood of night of rock and roll and good entertainment. Performing to a full capacity Tweeter Center crowd, this young nightingale dressed in a pink top, black snug pants and a silver chrome studded belt that hugged her hips to show off her belly button. With a visually energetic band that supported Pink on stage.

As not only music pop star, Pink as well as Lenny Kravitz, represent much in the world of fashion. Making her mark on today's pop culture fashion, which is so prominent as seen by the dress of the fans that surround the seats at the arena. One would think you were right in the movie, "Fast Times At Ridgement High" where several of the schoolgirls took on the identity of Pat Benatar or Madonna from the "Like a Virgin" era.

One of the highlights of the night, were Pink's renditions of rock female legend Janis Joplin classic titles. Performing several of the old time favorites, including "Piece Of My Heart". Everyone joined Pink in singing along word for word of this never ending rock classic from one of the great women of rock and roll. Showing to everyone this night that she has the vocal talent at all levels to be played and heard for many years to come not only on studio tracks, but as a live performer.

Pink had much support on her new studio release, "M!ssundaztood", bringing a harder edge than her previous release. Support from rock icons as Steven Tyler and Ritchie Sambora's contributions to the new release. Plus support from ex-4 Non Blondes singer Linda Perry who collaborated with Pink on much of the 14 track release, showing her friendship for Linda Perry including her 90's single "What's Going On" on the bill as an early song in the set on stage.

Pink who became a worldwide known diva, some of this success can be attributed to last years soundtrack and video release of Patti Labelle's single "Lady Marmalade" for the motion picture "Moulin Rouge". Supported heavily by MTV as one of the top videos of last year.

During the night's performance, some stage difficulties, however nothing stopped this young blond from giving full enthusiasm to this nights production of music. Occasionally stopping to talk to the fans that came out this night about tragedies and success during her life as a performer on the streets of Philadelphia.

Finalizing the night with her single "Don't Let Me Get Me," off the new release, "M!ssundaztood", this young lady (blond this night) fulfilling everyone with cheer and enjoyment.