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UnRated Magazine Review: Tweeter Center Chicago, Tinley Park, IL - July 23, 2005
Band Concert Review

Vans Warped Tour 2005

Tweeter Center Chicago, Tinley Park, IL - July 23, 2005

By Amy Massaro

On Saturday July 23rd Vans Warped made their way through Chicago, being the biggest nationwide tour of 2005. It was a sold-out show playing at the outdoor amphitheater Tweeter Center. With eight stages to choose from and too many bands to even see in one day, it was hot and action packed. There were plenty of other things to do as well as watching the music performers, such as visiting the vendor tents. Vendors such as Vans, Hurley, Hot Topic, and Volcom, had shopping, extreme sports and celebrities to meet. If you didn't want to pay four dollars for a bottled water, their was other interesting ways to keep yourself cool, like a huge inflatable slip n' slide. With so many things to see and do the music is what obviously made the tour a success.

There were many amazing performances on display; the band SKINDRED put forth an energy that had the hopping. ATREYU was full throttle on stage never skipping a beat. The BEDQUIN SOUNDCLASH was a great display of a funky Rasta band. MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE had the area around them packed with screaming fans, while the GYM CLASS HEROES gave hip hop and rock a twist that made the crowd go wild. But Chicago's own FALL OUT BOYS were the talk of the night. Becoming recently ever so popular on MTV's "Total Request Live" and "Late Night" with Conan O'Brien show. I was able to sit down with Pete and Patrick of FALL OUT BOYS earlier that day.

UnRated: "What has been the highlighted stop on your tour so far, I know you guys must like stopping through your home town Chicago but how's stopping through a place like Omaha, you mentioned you had previously played there?"

Fall Out Boys: "I like Omaha actually, we played at this place called the Ranch Bowl."

UnRated: " The Ranch Bowl, I have been there before that is a good place to see show!"

Fall Out Boys: " Well it got a little out of control, someone ended up spray painting our tour manager's phone number on a billboard sign. The next day we got a call saying we had to buy the billboard! But we of coarse like coming home to Chicago you get to feel reenergized."

UnRated: "So where would you like to see yourselves in the next five years?"

Fall Out Boys "Well it is hard to say I guess I haven't really thought about it. Maybe celebrating the anniversary of this question maybe."

UnRated: "Well how about in a perfect world, still playing music, or touring?"

Fall Out Boys: " Yeah sure ideally still playing music if we are touring or not I don't know. I will still be playing music one way or the other. What will you be doing in the next five years?"

UnRated: "Putting my kid in junior high."

Fall Out Boy: "You have kids ?!?"

UnRated: "A four year old and two year old boys! Lots of testosterone you know? But I want to thank you for taking the time and have a good show."

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