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Mirrah: An Interview with Mirrah from UPN's R U The Girl with T-Boz and Chili

Mirrah: An Interview with Mirrah from UPN's R U The Girl with T-Boz and Chili

By Stefanie Newell

A few questions with Mirrah? Well that's what it started off as. But talking to Mirrah is like

talking to one of your girls. If you're wondering, yep Mirrah is exactly how she appears on

television: sweet, humble, spiritual and well grounded. She has a wonderful personality that

precedes her. At 30 years old, Mirrah appeared on UPN's R U The Girl with T-Boz and Chili. Making

it down to the last two standing contestants, Mirrah impressed TLC fans with her talent, writing, and

maturity. Listen in, as Mirrah and I chat:

Stefanie: Before we begin talking about R U The Girl with T-Boz and Chili, let's

talk a little bit about what you were doing before the show. Before this opportunity came along,

what were you doing in terms of your music or just life in general?
Mirrah: Life in general...I work in sales and I also work in nightclubs as a cashier.

And as far as music, I've been working on my solo project. I also have a group called Perfect Storm,

which is my husband and I actually. We both write together and he's an engineer. I also have

another group called Planet Mars, watch out for that one!

Stefanie: You appear to be very grounded and spiritual and I think that's what made

the viewers relate to you and like you. Where does that spirituality come from?
Mirrah: I believe that it came from me and is shared by my adopted parents. If

you're adopted you can never be selfish. That's two humans that gave me a chance of life. They've

always allowed me to really learn to adapt to other cultures. I just learned from my mistakes, of

what not to be, of who not to be. I'm like, "Hey I like myself!" (laughs) I hate saying 'I'm real'

Stefanie: Because it's overused...
Mirrah: Yeah. And it puts you too much on a plateau. It's moreso that I like...I

like just being me, that's really the only answer that I can say.

Stefanie: I read that you have done TV shows, commercials, voiceovers and music

videos. Is there anything we would recognize you in?
Mirrah: Oooh! Okay I'm gonna give you something funny.
Stefanie: (laughs)
Mirrah: (laughs) As far as videos, there was the Nasty Girl video with Destiny's

Stefanie: There was a video for that song?
Mirrah: Yes. It was Nasty Girl Remix, you can get it on the website. I do a lot of

characters when I do videos. I like the hottie. I like being the geek. Another funny video is, Is

That Your Chick with Missy, Memphis, and Jay-Z. Remember the girl that was knocking on the window

trying to get into the party?
Stefanie: Vaguely.
Mirrah: Okay well that's another one. Another one that is circulating is Smilez and


Stefanie: I guess what I was kind of confused on was the premise of the show. Was

the premise of R U The Girl, to replace Left Eye or was it strictly to record the single "I Bet" and

then the one performance on the show?
Mirrah: It's interesting that you ask that question, a lot of people ask me that

same question. No, TLC was trying to find a fan and showcase us. And the winner O'So Krispie won

the single and to perform on the show...the finale that you guys saw.
Stefanie: I think that a lot of people didn't get that.
Mirrah: No everybody was really mad because I get letters like, "I can't believe you

didn't win!" I'm like hold on, chill, chill. It's a blessing actually that I didn't win, because

now I'm not in a contract. I can now move around freely.

Stefanie: I thought it was funny that T-Boz and Chili said you favored Left Eye

because though she doesn't look like her, O'So Krispie reminds me a lot of Left Eye too. Did either

you or the other girls on the show feel that way?
Mirrah: To be honest, the way I view it, since I've been watching the show myself,

O'So is Left Eye when she was younger.
Stefanie: That's the same way I felt!
Mirrah: Myself... I am where she was when she passed.
Stefanie: Now that's true! I never thought about it like that.

Stefanie: I have a love/hate relationship with reality television. In a way I kind

of like the fact that it's supposed to be "real TV," however we've all come to find out that a lot of

the stuff we see is scripted. Give our readers some insight into what reality television is like

behind the scenes?
Mirrah: Well behind the scenes you have cameras everywhere 24/7. One thing

different about R U The Girl... it wasn't staged! What you saw, you got! I mean of course you see...

you know where we might be washing our face, and then we're asked to wash our face, that type of

thing. But otherwise, like the storyline and everything, they got what was actually happening. And

there was so much more in that house!
Stefanie: Yeah, I've got to imagine if they're taping 24 hours a day. Are they

taping when you're sleep?
Mirrah: Um...I don't know but they said they weren't. They either won't be in the

room and you'll just be talking and then you'll hear the crew just running, to get what you're

saying. But they already have you up above. So after a while, all of us were so accustomed to it.

But I was really interested in how Meah and Alju were reacting to each other cause I didn't see

Stefanie: Really?
Mirrah: No, I didn't see any of that. So I was really surprised. I was like damn,

it was like that in the house?

Stefanie: Other than you, and who was that other girl in the house...the girl who

Mirrah: Leslie.
Stefanie: Okay Leslie...
Mirrah: That woman is talented!
Stefanie: Is she? She seems so...
Mirrah: Oh my god! She is so talented!
Stefanie: She seemed so disinterested to me.
Mirrah: Well she's been hurt. You know she's been signed. She's been this. She's

been that.
Stefanie: Well what I was going to say is, aside from you, she was another one who

stayed away from the drama.
Mirrah: We did. We had each other's back.

Stefanie: I wanted to ask you about T-Boz and Chili. I know as a writer, I meet

quite a few celebrities and sometimes they aren't what I may have imagined them to be. Take away the

lights and the cameras, what did you think of T-Boz and Chili?
Mirrah: T-Boz is a Taurus and I'm a Cancer. To me, she was my heart. She is

hilarious! As far as Chili and I... I learned how cool she was. We are all in our thirties. But both

of them are just so cool, mad honest, to me. But I don't see anything wrong with those two. They

are far from the glitz and glamour. They are like homies that you would like call and talk in

another language to.

Stefanie: Do you still have contact with T-Boz and Chili?
Mirrah: No we don't right now, because at the moment they're still working on their

own project to come out.
Stefanie: So do you think you will have contact with them in the future?
Mirrah: I'm hoping...I'm really hoping because of the bond that we made. To me, how I

see it, Chili and T-Boz set the table for Mirrah. So now all I can do is make a plate of nutritious

entertainment and music and hand it to the masses.
Stefanie: What about O'So Krispie?
Mirrah: Oh yeah, we're friends! I just talked to her like 2 hours ago. Yeah I keep

track of her, cause to me she's like my little sister.
Stefanie: Now she's 21 right?
Mirrah: No she's 20. But she's really matured. I give it up to her for them to

choose who they chose.
Stefanie: Well they had a hard choice.
Mirrah: Yeah they really did, I agree with you.

Stefanie: What has the exposure from the show done for you since the finale

Mirrah: A lot! Wow. A lot of opportunities. Right now my team and I are making

sure we choose the right opportunities. I don't want to jump into anything immediately, just for the

sake of being signed. I want to find a record company that knows how to make me the Aretha Franklin

of Hip Hop.

Stefanie: So do you market yourself as a Hip Hop artist, or both a Hip Hop artist

and a singer?
Mirrah: My style lyrically is like Common.
Stefanie: Well you know I'm from Chicago, so go ahead and throw that Common in

there. (both laughs)
Mirrah: It's commercial hardcore beats and I have melodic singing hooks and bridges

that creates that perfect blend. So that's what I'm going for. I have a great manager and he's

really making sure that every movement is right. I don't want people to think, "Oh Mirrah just got

signed now," and now I'm reflected as just a reality star. I want them to recognize that this is

what I was doing before. Now that I have the power to do that, I really want to do the album the

best that I can.

Stefanie: What are you plans now that the show has ended?
Mirrah: Actually I've been in the studio. I'm just working on an album and I've

been interviewed by some radio stations out here. And this is funny...I'm doing a celebrity basketball

Stefanie: No you aren't! (Laughs)
Mirrah: (laughs) Can you imagine? It's for the hurricane and it's co-ed.

Stefanie: Well Mirrah, it's been fun!
Mirrah: It has!
Stefanie: Bye.
Mirrah: Bye.

Mirrah at MySpace