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UnRated Magazine Review: Allstate Arena - Rosemont, IL - October 7, 2005
Band Concert Review
Nine Inch Nails: Adrenaline Rush

Nine Inch Nails: Adrenaline Rush

Allstate Arena - Rosemont, IL - October 7, 2005

By Adam Bielawski
Photos by Daren Fentiman

The climax of this Nine Inch Nails concert began with the song "Hurt." As most of the show, stage lighting was dimly lit with the exception of a beam of light on Trent Reznor in front an electronic piano, alone on stage.

The eerie single which every NIN fan know by heart. Not too long ago, another legend in music redid the song which had appeal to a different audience as well as the following of NIN. The late Johnny Cash covered the song as one of his last releases and radio songs that penetrated all ages into American Culture of music. The Sold Out, Allstate Arena, settled down as lighters and new torches of light, cellular phones, lit up the arena.

Quickly after Hurt, moving right into the latest NIN hit, "Bite The Hand That Feeds", exploded the audience. Not stopping as adrenaline flowed through the venue, topping off the night was "Head Like A Hole." Very few shows I personally stay to the final set as a photographer in rock and roll, this night I did. I could see that no one was exiting their seats this Friday night, everyone wanted more. As the mosh pit exploded on the floor of the arena, crazed fans let out every piece of energy that was stored for the final finale. This was the climax, the orgasm of NIN. Nothing can express the power that Trent Reznor and NIN expressed on stage. A path of almost 20 years of dark music and poetry, accentuated by strobed lighting could only be performed by Trent Reznor, the author of his world. During the final notes of Head Like A Hole, the rest of the members of NIN smashed up the stage with their instruments and Trent Reznor quietly exited. A just ending to what was a high energy performance. You were satisfied. Whatever each individual considers their point of ecstasy, it was complete and at its height as the lights went down.

As for the first part of the concert, the prelude to the final performance, NIN shared with us visual effects and emotions. Fans of all ages could be seen, wearing goth, high trend fashion wear, Mohawks on many, diverse as you can get. Overall BLACK was the attired chosen by the majority this night. As for Trent Reznor, his genius was overpowering and you could feel something special.

Only a few months back in May 2005, NIN invaded Chicago where their set had power complications and even a nose bleed on Trent Reznor from a stage mishap when the power went out in May 2005 at the Congress Theatre in Chicago. A bludgeoned nose, white shirt turned red was the image that envisaged from that night. As for tonight, no stage mishaps, everything set as planned. Even the man himself, Trent Reznor, supported a different hair style, no long bands but a very short hair cut. His pitch black hair, that always shadowed his eyes and face, was clear. A new image, a new record, and a more defined complex sound.

The stage setting looked technically simple from the seats, only showing the complexity when the lights ran synchronous from all parts of the arena. The first song in the beginning of the night, a transparent curtain covered all sides of the stage projecting imagery of events in the world. One of the only times that you really felt any outraged feedback from the projected images, such showings of death from war, animal cruelty, themes of world protests, world news events was the image of President George Bush and the first lady Barbara Bush sharing a dance. This single image brought boos from the crowd, silencing any positive stance.

Anyway you want it, you had all the NIN hits performed, the radio friendly and only music that fans would know. NIN concert was nothing to miss, all who came to see and hear the man who is Nine Inch Nails, Trent Reznor. Exhibiting his vision and genius, finer tuned than the past. Trent is in a different place in life heightened with a new album, "With Teeth" which he presented for us this concept, his life.

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