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UnRated Magazine Review: Family Stone
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Phunk Phenomenon - Brian White

Phunk Phenomenon - Brian White

Family Stone

By Stefanie Newell

Coming to theatres November 11th is The Family Stone starring one of UnRated Magazine’s favorites Brian White, alongside an ensemble cast of acting heavyweights. Diane Keaton, Craig T. Nelson, and Sarah Jessica Parker star in The Family Stone described as a comic story about the annual holiday gathering of a New England family, the Stones, who’s household unravels as togetherness takes on a new meaning.

Brian who plays a surprisingly different character in the movie has a very interesting claim to fame. Originally a stockbroker, he was discovered in an elevator when a scout noticed him and told him that she ‘liked his look,’ and soon after Brian found himself cast on the television show Moesha, starring R&B singer Brandy.

Brian’s resume prior to acting in such movies as Trois 3 and Mr. 3000 with Bernie Mac, is what makes him unique and stand out from the crowd. He is a Dartmouth graduate, former licensed stockbroker, owner of dance company Phunk Phenomenon, former NFL player, professional Lacrosse player, cousin and son to two Hall of Famers, and co-owner of a business with friend and business partner Boris Kodjoe. If that sounds like a mouthful, that’s because it is!

Brian relates much of his life to football. He possesses the same determination he showed during his NFL days, only now he sets out to tackle Hollywood. When asked about his newest project, The Family Stone Brian had this to say, “I learned so much from the experience and the cast. It’s a really uplifting story about a quirky family that’s just down for each other; they don’t care about anybody else’s opinions about them. I think that’s an uplifting story about family that everyone can enjoy. It makes you laugh and it makes you cry.”

The Family Stone is predicted to not only do well at the box office but Martin Grove, CNN contributor, predicts that it will also turn out to be a contender in some prime Golden Globes and Oscar races. It definitely sounds like a great movie to see this coming holiday season! You can also look forward to seeing Brian in Brick, which won Sundance last year, Dungeon Siege and Tekken in 2006.

Brian White