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UnRated Magazine Review: Riviera Theatre - Chicago, IL - October 22, 2005
Band Concert Review
HIM Live At The Rivera

HIM Live At The Rivera

Riviera Theatre - Chicago, IL - October 22, 2005

by Anthony N. Camastro

On October 22nd of 2005, HIM ripped the wings off a butterfly for Chicago. Morbid romance ran high as demons held their angels close to them, and the band provided the mood-music. Screams and cheers nearly blew off the roof of the Rivera as the band played classic songs like Your Sweet 666, Poison Girl, Buried Alive By Love, and The Sacrament. (Ville dedicated the latter to the White Sox for winning the first game of the World Series.) At times, the screams and lyrics issuing from the crowd were almost enough to drown out the band on stage. Noticing this, Ville gave the crowd a chance to sing by quieting the band down to a simple, soft beat. The lights struck the audience and lyrics echoed through the venue, putting a big smile on the band members' faces. The energy stayed intense throughout the whole experience. The band would have kept playing if it weren't for a stage manager telling Ville that they only had time for one more song. To determine which song to play, Ville left the decision up to the crowd. The crowd decided on Wings Of A Butterfly, the current single from the new album Dark Light. After a last orgasm of music, the show was over and all that was left was a memory.