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UnRated Magazine Review: Strathmore - Bethesda, MD - November 11, 2005
Band Concert Review
Bauhaus at Strathmore

Bauhaus at Strathmore

Strathmore - Bethesda, MD - November 11, 2005

By Ahsan Khan

The lights went down. The introductory music track began playing. The crowd roared in anticipation. Bauhaus was here. Playing in DC in support of The Near the Atmosphere Tour, Bauhaus for the most part satisfied their fans desire to be surrounded by music that envelops us in darkness and despair. As befitting the genre, Peter Murphy's presence on stage was rather lethargic and “dead” and not as animated as he usually is on his solo tours. Murphy just seemed as he was going through the motions during the show compared to how energetic he was earlier this year on the Unshattered tour. Whether if this was by design or not, is up for debate. While Daniel Ash and David J. were extremely energetic, Murphy just stood there and had a look on his face as he would rather be somewhere else. As to how much this had to do with the venue can also be up for debate. The Strathmore is a beautiful venue that would do certain styles of music justice. A renowned classical musician or operatic singer would be right at home in the Strathmore would be one of the top venues in DC. But for a band in which some of the crowd would like to be standing and dancing with out being yelled at from the folks behind them, the Strathmore is not really suited for more energetic sounds. Let me put it this way, just seeing a concession stand selling wine (and in real glass), is not something that fits with the band some call the progenitors of the goth music scene.

Starting off with some of their earlier works, the band progressed through their catalog of hits including Terror Couple Kills Colonel, She's in Parties, and Stigmata Martyr. The 1st encore of Bela Lugosi's Dead was rather underwhelming for what I thought was their signature piece. While in other venues, more elaborate stunts were performed during the show, the entire band seemed mostly dead on this piece whether by design or not. The final encore at least did make the crowd get up and dance during Telegram Sam and their cover of David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust. While the show ended on a positive note, it was too bad that we couldn't have been treated to that atmosphere from the beginning.

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