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UnRated Magazine Review: Dave Mustaine and the band Megadeth paved the way in Heavy Metal Thrash music for nearly 20 years, disbanded due to serious injury.
Megadeth Disbanding

Megadeth Disbanding

Dave Mustaine and the band Megadeth paved the way in Heavy Metal Thrash music for nearly 20 years, disbanded due to serious injury.

By UnRated Magazine

According to Chipster Entertainment, the front man of the power group has suffered nerve damage to his left arm and hand. Diagnosed as Radial Neuropathy – “a compressed radial nerve”. Dave Mustaine, now 40, has made statement about his injury and future pursuits in music stating, “My doctors tell me it will take about a year to make as complete a recovery as I can”, “I am working hard with a great team of doctors and physical therapists daily, and God willing, someday I hope to play guitar again.” Dave Mustaine thanks all his fans for the many years of loyalty and support of Megadeth. “I can never thank you, our fans past and present, for your loyalty and affection over the years.”

Dave Mustaine stated that his immediate goal now is to make something good out of this terrible situation. Wanting to devote time and energy to his wife Pam and his two children, Justis and Electra.

Dave Mustaine, known to many as the deity of thrash metal, bestowed upon him by the legion of fans. Popularized in the 1980’s by young males that followed his career as the rebellious ex-Metallica lead guitarist. After his bad tasting departure with Metallica, Mustaine started with co-member Dave Ellefson what is to be known as Megadeth. Mustaine and Megadeth took on the world to prove that even his bad departure from his former band would not stop. Driven by anger and revenge for years spanning 2 decades of bad ill to his past band. Megadeth put out hard-core rock for almost 20 years and only recently making peace with his former band.

As the principle songwriter and lead guitarist, Dave Mustaine and Dave Ellefson who fronted as bass from the beginning, went through many changes in line up. Most recent member roster for the band include lead guitar Al Pitrelli and drummer Jimmy DeGrasso were integral part of the new Megadeth and a new label under Sanctuary Records debut. Promoting their last studio release from Sanctuary Records, “The World Needs A Hero”, Megadeth took a turn in creating their first official a live double CD recorded at Phoenix’s Celebrity hall in the Fall of 2001. Their live CD “Rude Awakening” was released in March 19th, 2002. The studio and live recording marked a bold return for Megadeth’s powerful style after a few controversial albums over the past decade by many critiques. “Rude Awakening”, features 24 songs spanning almost a 20 year career.

“Mustaine formed Megadeth in 1983, after he was fired from Metallica. This would have been a setback for most people, but not Mustaine. He was determined to start his own group. The music would be uncompromisingly heavy with intricately precise guitar lines, and the lyrics would take an unflinching look at serious subjects like the dark side of humanity and politics.” By Chipster Entertainment.