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UnRated Magazine Review: The Pearl Room – Mokena, IL, USA – February 10, 2006
Band Concert Review
Sevendust: Leaving Your Faced Kicked In and Ears Ringing

Sevendust: Leaving Your Faced Kicked In and Ears Ringing

The Pearl Room – Mokena, IL, USA – February 10, 2006

By Adam Bielawski

Sevendust fans are united as one, hitting shows whenever the boys roll through town. Sevendust never disappoints! In the past few months, Sevendust rolled their trucks through the Chicago area, loaded with the machine and instruments that makeup the world of Sevendust. There was no difference on Friday, February 10, 2006 just as a few months back in November ‘05 at the Congress Theatre in Chicago. This night was a tad bit different, way out in the Chicago suburbs, where each fan has to drive for 45 minutes and can feel secure because it's the good burbs. The only problem an individual may faced are traffic lights that stay red forever. I always love quoting Mike Ness of Social Distortion, "The days when punk rock and roll was tough are over."

As you walk up, Sevendust fans are waiting in line to make their way into the Pearl Room, out in Mokena, Illinois, bands such as Wicked Wisdom, Socialburn and Nonpoint were getting the fans frenzied up for a kick ass metal show. Sevendust supports their fans and at every show the band is grateful that you show up. It's unity, a family, you can speak to thousands of people that you never met, sharing the same desire, to see a show that will kick you in your ass and make your ears ring for days.

SevendustFebruary 10, 2006 at the Pearl Room as well as November 22, 2006 at the Congress Theatre were no different. Sevendust opened their set with Hero and Ugly off their newly released 5th recorded studio album "Next". From that point on the show took a turn back to the roots of the band playing songs like Black, Wired, Denial, Waffle, and Rumble Fish, reiterating WIRED, WIRED, WIRED! After one song was finished the anticipation of what was next lingered over the crowd. They sprinkled in songs from each studio album, leaving out some of the softer side of the band. Sevendust wrapped up their set with Face 2 Face and Bitch, 2 songs that go deep in the bands history with meaning. It was all business on this night, possibly a message, in any case every note was recognized and chorus sung in unison.

There are differences and similarities this night as well as the night from November. The Pearl Room is a new building, cleaned up, with a balcony overlooking the stage and even a doorman in the head (bathroom). The Congress, is dingy and full of history. I love the Congress and want to bring you back a couple of months. November 22, 2005, not too cold but a bit of rain as I remembers, the line stretched on the street and around the corner, the difference with the Pearl Room, it stretched in front the strip mall. The Congress Theatre is one of those old historic venues in Chicago such as the Aragon Brawlroom (Ballroom), The Riv (Riviera) and several others from back in the day. Many, many, many years ago, and maybe a generation or two, the Congress housed a movie or playhouse probably in the early 1920's (you can look up the history). If you gaze up at the marvelous high circular ceilings you can image the splendor it had when it was first erected. Today just a concert house, not very well kept, maybe the historical society is lobbying to keep this building up, I don't know. However, this place has Chicago History, and the Pearl Room will come and go. Too bad venues as such are just kept up to keep them passing whatever zone and building laws there are to let people in. To rock ‘n' roll, this is still a sanctuary where you can come, and drink a beer outside and possibly get arrested and feel good about it. Chicago man, which is all you can say. The Pearl Room, though the hard core fans are there, sometimes you wonder about people, if they are just waiting for the bar to open after the concert and in a daze why they paid to get in the door. The Pearl Room looks as if a disco opens after the bands gets off the stage. Let me get back to the show!

SevendustIn prep for the oncore, a brief silence of 5 minutes with chanting started, Sevendust, Sevendust, Sevendust. Anxious fans waiting for the final Face 2 Face and Bitch. Lajon, our frontman and vocals, finally entered onto the red lit stage, dark lit and metal looking, humming a ditty, "Who came to see Sevendust?" then giving out a powerful growl. The output of metal was as if a F14 jet just turbo thrusted off a carrier, you can taste the fumes. Lajon has no fear of his fans, he is there for them. Lajon would make his stance as close as possible being in the midst of the hands stretching out, knowing everyone here came to mosh and help him sing the chorus to the songs. Morgan playing pitch and catch with his drumsticks a common practice with the Sevendust fans and the energy was high, the music was loud, and you know you left another Sevendust show with your ass kick and ears ringing for days. See you at the next one, cheers.