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UnRated Magazine Review: Schubas - Chicago, IL - March 1, 2006
Band Concert Review
The Living Things: Live at Schubas

The Living Things: Live at Schubas

Schubas - Chicago, IL - March 1, 2006

Jive recording artists, Living Things, roared into Chicago to do a little swaying, jumping, and rocking to promote their CD called Ahead of the Lions. The band from St Louis consists of three brothers; singer/guitarist Lillian Berlin, bassist Eve Berlin, drummer Bosh Berlin, and guitarist Corey Becker.

The assault started as soon as Lillian pumped up the Schubas crowd opening with the energy driven song Bomb Below. With his Marc Bolan look, Lillian and his band poured into many songs with a mix of glam, metal, and punk sound. Some of the songs performed included I Owe, Monsters, and the song Itunes used in their commercials and crowd favorite Bom Bom Bom. Many of songs penned by Lillian take a political stance against war and presidential faults.

Living Things have a raunching and hard-driven live show, but needed might be a few catchier anthem type songs. This is band to keep an eye out for as they continue developing their live act; for they soon might be the leader of the pack.

Review by: Anita Maree Lande
Photos by: Dan Locke