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UnRated Magazine Review: Rockford Metro Centre - Rockford, IL - February 24, 2006
Band Concert Review
Motley Crue Still Kicking Ass

Motley Crue Still Kicking Ass

Rockford Metro Centre - Rockford, IL - February 24, 2006

By Rob Grabowski

After the show was delayed- due to the Metro Center's inability to get the concert goers into the venue smoothly- scantily dressed female circus performers, a midget named Mighty Mike, and the aptly named rock group, Motley Crue, brought the Carnival of Sins tour through Rockford, Illinois. While the crowd consisted of about 6,500 of Rockford's own motley crew, the bad boys of rock did not disappoint. Kicking the show off with “Shout at the Devil”, Vince Neil appears out of a box center stage with the help of a few of the circus performers to a fist pumping crowd chanting “Shout, Shout, Shout”. The crowd and the band feed off of the electricity in the air and kick off what will be the beginning of about 2 hours of Crue hits and debauchery usually confined to the likes of a strip club. The title track to their debut album, “Too Fast For Love”, entrances Rockford's dregs of society and now the time warp is complete and the crowd is back in the early 80's. For most of the Rockford crowd, it doesn’t look like they ever left. The Crue went on to perform such hits as “10 Seconds To Love” and “Red Hot” where Nikki Sixx paid homage to local Rockford native Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick fame. “On With The Show”, which is the tour's biggest surprise, had the entranced audience singing along to every word showing what an underrated masterpiece this song truly is, especially when performed live. It’s hard to believe this song was virtually unperformed for over two decades prior to the start of last year’s reunion. Rounding out the first part of the show were “Looks That Kill”, “Louder Than Hell” and the fiery “Live Wire” which left the crowd chomping on the musical candy…begging for more.

After a 10-minute intermission, Tommy and Nikki reappeared onstage driving motorcycles to the stage. No sooner did they hop off than the female circus performers began doing their sleazy business, in true Crue fashion, alongside an awe inspiring version of “Girls, Girls, Girls”. “Wild Side” and “Don't Go Away Mad” were the perfect prelude to “Primal Scream” which showcases the true artistry of Tommy Lee as he hammers the intro and lays down the beat for an unforgettable ride during this classic anthem. There are songs that will have you talking about them for months and even years after a performance and for this show it was “Primal Scream” and “Home Sweet Home”. As Tommy Lee began the intro to “Home Sweet Home” Vince tried to stop him and finally Tommy heard him and interrupted the show briefly so that Vince could ask the crowd to light the venue up. A few seconds later lighters and cell phones could be seen throughout the arena which made it look like a Christmas tree. Vince and Tommy started the song off once again as the audience belted out the opening verse. Mick and Nikki returned back to the stage for a bombastic middle verse only to depart once again for Tommy to do his piano outro to one of the greatest renditions of this song ever witnessed. Next, Nikki puts on a spectacle as he does his own musical solo dressed in a mad scientist outfit and as he brings the solo to an end, he blows himself up! Yes, the Crue definitely doesn't hold back. Vince enjoys his medical exam from the female performers dressed in nurse outfits that would have any of the men in the audience hoping to have their own wounds licked while they chanted along to Dr. Feelgood. Tommy Lee, not to be out done by Nikki's solo, goes in to the middle of the main floor by the soundboard and flies up to the rafters where he has 2 drum kits 20 feet apart near the ceiling. Tommy goes on to get the crowd going by chanting, "when I say MOTLEY, you say CRUE" As the chant between Tommy (“Motley”) and crowd below (“CRUE”), repeatedly went on as Tommy does a drum solo which is more techno than metal and definitely falls flat amongst this crowd and would be better suited for a disco than a rock concert.

Finishing the show up with “Same 'Ol Situation” and Motley's own national anthem “Kick Start My Heart”, they proceeded to blow the roof off of the joint. When the smoke cleared, what was clear was that the Crue lived up to their reputation and proved they can still kick ass. If you didn't get a chance to see them during this tour, go pick up their “Carnival of Sins” DVD to see what you missed. If that’s not good enough for you, there is talk of a co-headlining tour with Aerosmith this summer, which will be a show not to be missed. Let’s cross our fingers for the possibility of a jam on The Beatles “Helter Skelter”. That would truly leave people talking however, I think the days of bands enjoying the music that much to check the ego's at the door may be long gone. Although, wouldn't that be truly a walk on the “Wildside”?