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UnRated Magazine Review: From February 10, 2006
Band Interview
As I Lay Dying: Interview with Jordan Mancino

As I Lay Dying: Interview with Jordan Mancino

From February 10, 2006

By Tim Hargesheimer

As many fans are already waiting with great anticipation, The Taste of Chaos 2006 Tour is about to kick off next week in San Diego, California. As I Lay Dying will be sharing the stage with such acts as Story of the Year and the Deftones as they rock across the country. I had the chance to chat with As I Lay Dying drummer Jordan Mancino about the upcoming tour, their music and the anticipation of seeing the Deftones live for the first time.

Tim: We are on the brink of Taste of Chaos 2006 and Chicago is excited as hell to see you guys again. Describe your anticipation for this tour.
Jordan: I'm very excited to be on this tour with such amazing bands, as well as just being on the road again. We have on a tour break for over six weeks, and it will be so sweet to be playing shows again. I can't wait.

Tim: Is it a bit more special starting the Taste of Chaos 2006 tour off in California next week?
Jordan: Yes! We always start tours on the east coast for some reason; this is one of the first tours that will actually start in our home town. But, it ends on the complete opposite side of North America. You can't win them all I guess.

Tim: I've seen you guys play twice in Chicago this past year (at OzzFest 2005 and as openers for Slipknot). One thing that blows me away every time is the turnout you get for your set no matter what time you go on stage. What do you think this says about your fans?
Jordan: They are amazing! I love our fans. I talked to so many people at shows that have seen us three times before. That stuff means so much to us. It's amazing.

Tim: What was is like opening briefly for Slipknot on the Final Verses Tour?
Jordan: It was awesome. Those dudes are great people and great performers. It was a pleasure to be on the road with them. The shows were huge, and their fans were open to what we were doing.

Tim: When you guys tore apart the Congress Theatre here in Chicago it was your first date off of the European tour. How was Europe this past fall and what did you enjoy best about that experience?
Jordan: Europe was sweet. It was our first headline tour over there, and it went great. There were a lot of great bands with us. The only thing I don't really like over there is the fact that the only late night food you can eat are kabobs. Don't get me wrong, I love the kabob but eating everyday for three weeks is a little much.

Tim: Excited to play with Chino and the Deftones?
Jordan: YES! I can't describe to you what it's going to be like for me to just be on the same stage as that band. I love the Deftones. And this will be my first time to see them live too.

Tim: What OzzFest 2005 band were you most impressed with? Why?
Jordan: Rob Zombie. That band just has it together. They are flawless every day. And there sound is so huge.

Tim: What are your thoughts about playing a headlining (or co-headlining) show vs. a festival like OzzFest or Taste of Chaos? Any preference by the band?
Jordan: Not really. They are both different. And love doing them both. The festival tours are fun because of the huge shows are large amount hang out time. The headline tours are sweet because of the personal one on one we get with our fans.

Tim: Keeping the live theme, I read a quote by Tim Lambesis that "Â…the touring we did off Frail Words Collapse really helped us to learn what songs worked in a live setting and which ones didn't." What songs work best for As I Lay Dying at live venues? Can you give us a top three?
Jordan: "94 hours", "Meaning In Tragedy" and "Empty Hearts." Those are my favorites.

Tim: Some of the bands you have toured with in the past have gone mainstream at almost a snap of the finger. Of all these bands (and As I Lay Dying has toured with many), which one(s) have you learned the most from?
Jordan: Well, favorite band to tour with that has got some mainstream credibility is Killswitch Engage. They taught us how to be sweet dudes to tour with. Just by example. Those dudes are all sweet hearts.

Tim: How is your relationship with Metal Blade Records doing?
Jordan: Amazing. They are so supportive of what we are doing. I love working with them.

Tim: Other than the Taste of Chaos tour, does As I Lay Dying have anything else interesting going on that your fans might want to know about?
Jordan: Not that we can talk about yet, just keep going to our website and we should have some good news up there.

Tim: Overall, how do you feel fans have received Shadows Are Security?
Jordan: Very well. What's cool is that people love the new record, but still love the old record as well.

Tim: Tell our UnRated Magazine readers what "94 Hours" is all about and where your inspiration came from.
Jordan: Well, the song was the first new song written for Frail Words Collapse. And, lyrically I think it's about when Tim went through a tough time in part of his life. And, it took him literally 94 hours to realize what he had.

Tim: Random question - Who does your album artwork? I love it.
Jordan: Jake Bannon

Tim: How is the band holding up right now?
Jordan: Pretty good I think. There always be rough times, but we all have a passion that does not go away.

Tim: Final Question: Let's set the record straight, metal or metalcore??
Jordan: Whatever makes you feel better. Just kidding. I would say metal. And, I would say hardcore. But not together.

I would like to thank Jordan Mancino of As I Lay Dying for his time and willingness to chat with UnRated Magazine. Thanks also go out Jensen Lee at Adrenaline for making this happen. Also, keep an eye out for my live review of the Chicago stop (at the UIC Pavilion) on the Taste of Chaos 2006 tour and email me at tim@unratedmagazine.com about anything at all!