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UnRated Magazine Review: Riviera Theatre- Chicago, IL - April 1, 2006
Band Concert Review
Motion City Soundtrack: Motion City in the Windy City

Motion City Soundtrack: Motion City in the Windy City

Riviera Theatre- Chicago, IL - April 1, 2006

By Dan Hargesheimer

Motion City Soundtrack at the Riviera Theater in Chicago charged Saturday night with an abundance of electricity. The youthful crowd embraced the crew from Minneapolis and kept things lively during a lengthy, 17-song set.

On the second-to-last show of the current tour, MCS still had a plethora of emotion to give to all the Chicago fans in attendance. The band declared on their website just how appreciative they are, and how much enjoyment they had on their freshly-finished tour. They had " more than 30 sold-out shows all across the country, and got up-close-and-personal with more than 40,000 people over the last 6 weeks or so." After finishing up their first major headlining tour, they took a one-day break, and headed back out on tour. They are now visiting college campuses all over the country on the ' 06 MTVU Campus Invasion Tour.

The sea of kids in the pit looked like motion city the entire night. Other than the occasional breather during more melodic songs, the crowd stirred, clapped, sang, and danced all night long!

The concert started off with the young crowd chanting for Motion City Soundtrack as the lights dimmed, the banner dropped from the background, and Saturday night was alive! Motion City came right out of the gate firing with ' Attractive Today' and got the patrons of the Riviera pumped up for the show to come.

Keyboardist Jesse Johnson made sure to keep the crowd eager for more the entire show. With his off-kilter gyrations, he did hand plants on his keyboard, did what resembled the limbo while playing, and rocked his keyboards back and forth for the duration of the concert. While doing everything he could to keep the energy up, he encouraged the crowd to keep leaping in unison to ' Capital H' , the third song of the set.

From my balcony seat, I enjoyed watching several very young kids singing almost every word along with plenty of shouting and cheering for the band in between songs. I approached them and their parents, and found out that Sam, 10, and Alec, 6, were there rooting for their uncle Tony Thaxton, the drummer for MCS. I would occasionally look over to see how they were doing during the show, and saw that Sam, with her punk-rock wristbands on, was quite fond of holding up her hands with ' devil horns' while singing away. It was exciting to see that someone so young could have such fun, and so much passion for the music that her uncle was helping to produce for the fans in Chicago that night.

With his out-of-control, signature two-tone colored hairdo and glasses, lead singer Justin Pierre got the multitude of fans at the Riviera to echo "whoo ooh" during "Modern Chemistry." Pierre also made sure to acknowledge everyone in the house at some point throughout the show. He thanked the balcony for their support and asked how they were holding up. While keeping in touch with the front of the pit, he put a sweater around his neck that an enthusiast had thrown on stage. It resembled a cape hanging around his neck and draping down his back, and he did seem to act as a superhero for all the fans in attendance that night. The long set covered plenty from both CD's, and the crowd favorite last song of the set, "The Future Freaks Me Out," involved Pierre doing the robot on numerous occasions. The crowd could have single-handedly sung every word by themselves, with a little help from Pierre and his band mates. Motion City Soundtrack gave Chicago a literal run for their money, which the crowd will not soon forget.

If you get a chance, be sure to check out Motion City on their current MTVU Campus Invasion Tour, or wait until later this summer to check them out on the Vans Warped Tour.