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UnRated Magazine Review: Abbey Pub - Chicago, IL - March 30, 2006
Band Concert Review
The Gossip at the Abbey Pub

The Gossip at the Abbey Pub

Abbey Pub - Chicago, IL - March 30, 2006

By Dan Locke

The Gossip are a 3 piece punk band, based out of Portland Oregon. The members are Brace Paine (guitar), Hannnah Blilie (drums), and Beth Ditto (voice).

I have seen them time and time again. All by accident. But this is the first time, I have actually wanted to see. The other times they were opening up for other bands. And each time I could see how driven they were to get the crowd going. The first time I ran into (saw) them was at the now closed Fireside Bowl (the last of chicago all age clubs). I think they open up for the Unicorns. They have toured with Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Le Tigre, Erase Errata, John Spencer Blues Explosion, Stereo Total, White Stripes, Sonic Youth, Sleater Kinney, Har Mar Superstar, Les Georges Leningrad, The Kills, Tracy + the plastics & Glass Candy. On March 30, 2006. I had the chance to catch them at the Abbeypub in Chicago. They were in support of their new LP called "Standing in the way of control". As they came to the stage the crowd went crazy. The crowd were just dancing and singing along with the band.

And Beth had control of the crowd. The one of the things, I could see was Beth is not a little lightweight. Let say she is a bit on the heavy side. But she is a role model to many teenage girls who don't fit in the cookie cutter look of the classic girl next door. In the past, I have seen alot of heavy weight girls in the crowd at their shows. But this time it was mostly guys. The show was about 90% sold out. And there was a good feel to the crowd.