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UnRated Magazine Review: House of Blues - Chicago, IL - January 13 2006
Band Interview
Sworn Enemy: Interview with Sal LoCoco

Sworn Enemy: Interview with Sal LoCoco

House of Blues - Chicago, IL - January 13 2006

By Shayna Shaffer

On 1/13/06 as one of the opening bands with the current Anthrax tour, Sworn Enemy's heavy thrash metal sound filled the House of Blues in Chicago. They played amazingly hard and heavy, and their fans went nuts during their set. It was an excellent preview leading up to the main event of Anthrax, since Sworn Enemy was very energetic while on stage. Sworn Enemy played some of their new songs from their upcoming album being released 1/24/06 "Beginning of the End", as well as songs from their first album "As real as it gets". Sworn Enemy has currently signed with a new label, they are now with Abacus Recordings, and are dropping their previous label with Elektra. This band's current members are Sal LoCoco (vocals), Paul Antignani (drums), Jamin Hunt (guitar) and Ed Kilpatrick (bass). If you didn't get to check them out, I would definitely recommend getting you're head pounded in with their excellent thrash metal the next time they tour! I also was able to interview Sal from Sworn Enemy, here are a few things he had to say.

Shayna Moskowitz: So you guys have been around since the late 90's and currently have 3 albums out, correct?
Sal LoCoco: Actually we have 2 EP's on Stillborn records, and one album on Elektra. Our original line up has also changed since we first started out. The first EP is "Negative Outlook", the second EP is a live release and "As Real As It Gets" was our first album on Elektra.

Shayna: When do you have a second album coming out?
Sal: January 24 actually, it's called "Beginning of the End".

Shayna: So, on this tour, what would you say has been the best venue to play at?
Sal: Well, that's tough because we've played a lot of great venues in some great towns. Do I have to give you the best venue from this tour?

Shayna: Not necessarily, how about you tell me you're favorite venue you have ever played at then!
Sal: I love this house of Blues; sound wise, the dressing rooms, the accommodations are great, and they feed us well, the whole 9 yards. So I'll have to say the House of Blues in Chicago!

Shayna:: So even though you don't have you're original line up, is everyone in the band now still from Brooklyn?
Sal: Me, Lorenzo and Paulie are from Queens. Jamin is from Detroit, but lives in Long Beach California right now, and our bass player Ed is from Detroit also. We're actually originally out of Queens, NY.

Shayna: What bands have inspired you?
Sal: Oh there are lots! Lets start with Pantera, Slayer, Metallica, Anthrax, Testament, Exodus, ChromeX, and Mad Ball...

Shayna: So I can see why you guys lean towards the heavier end of metal!
Sal:: You can definitely hear great 80's thrash revival in our music along with our traditional Sworn Enemy sounds, put that all together, and that's what you get with our sound.

Shayna: How long have you known you've wanted to be a singer?
Sal: I didn't, it wasn't actually decided by that! I would go down the street and hang out with my friends and watch them jam, drink beer and have a good time on the weekends. Nobody would ever sing, so I told them "If you guys are just going to do covers, I'll sing the cover songs." So we started to do covers from Nuclear Assault and Overkill, and from there, we started to write our own stuff, and here I am now.

Shayna: So what we you planning to do before you fell into singing then?
Sal: I had no idea, no idea, I was just a day-to-day type of guy, but it seems like I've found my "niche" now.

Shayna: Who are you're favorite bands to play with and why?
Sal: My favorite bands to play with... that's a tough question, I'm going to have to say all of them. It's hard to pick one that I love to play with the most. We have wound up becoming very good friends with all the bands we have played with and we are a very easy bunch of guys to get along with. We always have a great time on the road with all our friends we tour with, so I can't just pick one band out of the hat we enjoy playing with the most. I can tell you who I enjoy seeing play the most though. I enjoy seeing bands like Biohazard and Slayer play, I'm having a great time watching Anthrax play, and it's bringing me back to 1990. Madball is a band I love to see, I especially enjoy their music. I really love hanging out with everybody, all the bands are great to play with.

Shayna: Is there any last thing you would like you're fans to know?
Sal: January 24th, go pick up "Beginning of the End"!