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UnRated Magazine Review: Schubbas - Chicago, IL - March 6, 2006
Band Concert Review
Suffrajett: Thumbs-up vote for Suffrajett

Suffrajett: Thumbs-up vote for Suffrajett

Schubbas - Chicago, IL - March 6, 2006

By Anita Maree Brodersen
Photos by Dan Locke

New York based Suffrajett shook up Schubas with their own style of punk flavored music. The four piece band consists of female vocalist Simi, with Jason Chasko on guitar, Kevin Roberts on bass, and Danny Severson on drums. It was hard to take your eyes off of lead singer Simi. Dressed in a lingerie styled shirt and fitted blue jeans she tore up each song with her unique vocal arrangements and she ruled the stage adding some rock-n-roll violin jamming during a few songs.

The night began with their hard rocking song "Love Me More", and other songs performed included "The Drugs," "Sorrow," and crowd favorites "Mr. Man," and the set ended with the rocking "Down & Out."

The entire band gave a solid performance on each song with soul-driven attitude and a sprinkle of sex appeal.

Simi yelled out a few times in between songs, "We're Suffrajett!" "So don't forget!" I don't think that will happen after you see their live.