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UnRated Magazine Review: Congress Theatre - Chicago, IL - May 17, 2006
Band Concert Review
H.I.M. Performs at the Congress Theatre

H.I.M. Performs at the Congress Theatre

Congress Theatre - Chicago, IL - May 17, 2006

By Michelle Russo

At the Congress Theatre in Chicago, the Finnish band H.I.M. gave this lucky photographer and fan a truly memorable concert. They opened with lights that grew dim and a giant candelabra lowering from the ceiling to illuminate the stage. A cigarette smoking bunny and an Edgar Allen Poe bobblehead shared the stage with Ville Valle dressed in his matching brocade black suit and red tie.

The sea of fans with their baroque H.I.M. attire was a fan fare in and of itself. Anticipation grew as Ville exhaled his smoke and gazed back out at the assemblage. As he opened with a slow, melodic tune, his four apocalyptic counterparts sounded tighter than ever as the lights came up and the band shined their powerful musical light.

As the second song, "Vampire Heart", started, I was able to hand Ville a bloody pink razorblade, romance inspired, death bouquet of pink roses. Gentleman Valle bowed as he said "Thank you". After my amazing moment in the pit, the audience and I had a blast as the band tore through their greatest hits. The night thundered as H.I.M. played "Rip out the Wings from a Butterfly" and "Join me in Death."

H.I.M brought the house down with an ode to Black Sabbath. With lighters held high and cell phones flipped open brightening the space in a spiritual way, Ville told the audience "Black Sabbath started it all for H.I.M., and now we have to pay homage to them!". Hundreds of hands waved in sync as Ville and the crowd exchanged chants of "Black Sabbath!" back and forth.

H.I.M delivered a performance body, soul, and something else!!! Definitely a band not to miss...I am hooked! Come see what the buzz is all about and enjoy.....4 stars!