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UnRated Magazine Review: The Metro - Chicago, IL - May 26, 2006
Band Concert Review
10 Years at the Metro Chicago

10 Years at the Metro Chicago

The Metro - Chicago, IL - May 26, 2006

By Tim Hargesheimer

"I've been waiting so long for this time. I'm terrified. Blind in ways I've never realized. I don't mind."

Entering one by one to a much deserved applause, 10 Years individually strolled on stage at the Metro (Chicago) to deliver a crisp ten-song set that was nothing short of perfect. Even with lead singer Jesse Hasek visibly sick and looking very tired, the Knoxville five some gave the Chicago crowd a mouthful of The Autumn Effect. Do not be mistaken, this was not a sample of live music. No, this was a closed fist musical punch to the face that clears your senses as you struggle to get up from it. Even though The Autumn Effect is filled with a buffet-style variety of music, the powerful quality in which it is delivered borders on classic.

Once the guys were all in position, 10 Years began pleasuring the crowd with paralyzing versions of "Waking Up" and "Through the Iris" before Jesse introduced "Prey" and stripped the black sweatshirt off to reveal his usual black lit chest design accompanied by his Jonathan Donais-like (Shadows Fall) dreads. Taking a moment to divulge his far from perfect health status to the Chicago crowd only seemed to inspire the Metro fans to help Jesse through the remaining portion of the crisp one hour set. With a mellow, but perfect placed guitar introduction, the guys ripped off album-quality renditionsof "Fault Line" and "Empires" before being followed by a bold version of "The Recipe." It was at this point were Jesse had to take notice that the nearly sold out Chicago crowd was well versed in the August 2005 release that has rocked their segment of the music world. A sincere "thank you" was passed out before he gave a slight background into title track "The Autumn Effect." For those of you that don't know, this song (and eventual album title) was inspired by a very real dream he had that could be explained only in deep musical thought and precise harmony. Once this crowd favorite was flawlessly released, Lewis Crosby took center stage and gave everyone a little jam session that backed down only to Brian Vodinh's machine gun strength drum introduction. A perfect set played by such an awesome live band. Pausing for a moment to recognize their success and how much closing song "Wasteland" has rocked the radio music world and given them a one step into rock stardom, Jesse thanked the Chicago crowd again before the opening chords echoed off of the Metro walls. Hands immediately went up in the air as the show came to close and 10 Years made their way off the stage and towards Noblesville, Indiana. Chicago waived goodbye much earlier than they wanted to.

With upcoming gigs everywhere from Japan to Texas, 10 Years continues to tour on the success that has gotten them this far. Known as a band willing to grind it out on the road, the guys from Tennessee weren't content to just tour with KoRn and Mudvayne. Instead, they are doing what they can to grab the wheel and drive the car themselves. This show was an excellent opportunity to see them at an intimate venue. The days of that happening are quickly fading away.