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UnRated Magazine Review: Interview with Lisa Loeb, July 2006
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Lisa Loeb: 10 Questions with Lisa Loeb

Lisa Loeb: 10 Questions with Lisa Loeb

Interview with Lisa Loeb, July 2006

By Ahsan Khan
Photos by Dan Locke

Recently, Unrated had a chance to have a chat with Lisa Loeb over her recent projects.

1. It looks like you had a lot of fun doing #1 Single, what impressed you the most about doing a reality TV show that chronicled an extremely personal part of your life? Well luckily, since I worked with the editors at the production company and the producers I was able to have the freedom to do what I wanted, knowing that people could see what I decided they could see. I think that peoples' reactions were positive because we made a show that I think that is different from other reality shows. A lot of people seem to relate to it. All the time I have folks come up to me who've seen it, different people of different ages, single, married, it really seems like it captures what they're going through. It really had certain connections with people, it's really strange.

2. Since the show gives your fans another look into whom Lisa Loeb is, how have they reacted as they only really knew you through your music or what they read off of the internet It goes into a real personal part of you life that people probably had really no idea about? I feel that as a musician you typically go on TV, you play your songs and you don't talk to the host that much because you're a musician. The people who come to my shows probably know me more by my complete personality. So it was just to get to be a whole person. I feel like I go through a lot of things that other people go through and to be able to share that with other people is very powerful, not to sound cheesy, but very powerful. Actually musicians are very private and they hope to keep it that way. One of my friends says I talks too much to be mysterious. And I have to say I'd rather go ahead and share with other people than try to be one of those musicians who have nothing to say.

3. Where did the whole idea come from? My manager comes to me with the idea and she works at the production companythat makes documentaries, which just put the Pixies movie out.

4. That's definitely on my list. So they thought it would be an interesting idea to follow me because there was a lot going on in my life, I was on tour with my band, dating for the 1 st time, and not having really dated a lot. I was just out of my second relationship and being in my 30s, I'm trying to balance my career. And there were so many different levels of what I was going through that other people go through. She thought it would make it interesting to do a documentary style reality show. I had watched a lot of reality shows so I was very happy to experiment with the idea and working with it to make it something that I felt comfortable with.

5. A lot reality TV is for sake of a better word, just garbage, but you had something that was levels above that which was actually watchable in which people could actually relate to you. That's cool.

6. Any regrets or are there things you would have done differently? No, I mean the only thing that world have been more helpful that when E! Decided to pick up the show, they were really helpful but it would have been nice to have more production time to get things more organized. And even just the normal things, I was living in New York and I didn't even have enough time to get new clothes to wear on dates and stuff like that. I like having clothes that I enjoy wearing but I don't like the process of shopping all together is a drag.

Lisa Loeb7. So you're not a big shopper then? Well, I like shopping, I don't like the pressure of what am I going to wear, what's the right thing to wear. And I think about the amount of eating that I do on dates, so I have my size and shape change a little bit and you have to be able to accommodate that.

8. It's a little different for guys, as we don't really worry too much about having the right clothing or how much we eat. It's not how much you eat, it just that literally when you eat and you're done you gain weight.

9. When can we expect season 2? I don't know but E! Apparently is talking about it and if people want to see season 2 they need to let E! Know that they want to see another season.

10. Can you let us know anything about the new album? I'm working on a new album, but I'm really trying to wind down from all the tour dates that I've committed to, and I really need some down time to write some more. So I'm trying to write hear and there, but other than playing a lot of shows and doing fundraisers I'm just trying to find time to write some new music as well.