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Transfusion M: Interview with Michael Ferentino

Transfusion M: Interview with Michael Ferentino

By Lori Kerr

For Michael Ferentino, lead singer of Transfusion M, music was a part of his life since the day he was born.

"My father was, and still is, a singer and a songwriter," said Ferentino. "My parents had me taking guitar lessons at six, I wrote my first song when I was nine and by the time I was 12 I was recording and performing in New York City clubs."

Ferentino bought his first album, which was The Beatles, at age six. He then grew to idolize classic bands such as Queen, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. These bands all lead up to the bands which influence his musical career today, such as Prince, T-Rex and Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd.

"Once I discovered those guys, I never viewed or listened to music in quite the same way again," said Ferentino.

This gives the root of the Transfusion M sound that is known today. Blended with 70's Glam rock and psychedelic and classic rock, Transfusion M brings the sounds of their idols to the 21 st Century, to make a sound all their own.

The New Jersey based band, besides Ferentino, also consists of Amy Noble, Kristjan Karu, Todd Giblin and Jay Marshall. Transfusion M has been playing together since October of last year and Ferentino said that the current line-up has never sounded better together.

Transfusion M is currently playing on the Warped tour around the United States with bands such as AFI, Joan Jett and the Black Hearts and The Buzzcocks.

Ferentino said that the music scene in New Jersey is a thriving thing.

"Because NJ is so spread out, there are quite a few bands that have made it out of here, but they are spread out throughout the state," said Ferentino. "We are trying to break the mold of the quintessential Jersey band, although I respect Mr. Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi for putting the state on the map, we are as far from the classic blue collar stereotype as a band can get."

Transfusion M merchandise and CD's can be purchased at Dreammakersmp3.com, Amazon.com or at any show they are performing at. They are extremely proud of the fabulous work done on their CD cover by renowned artist Don Brautigam.

"We are releasing the CD with all new artwork created by Don Brautigam, the man behind Metallica's Master of Puppets and Motley Crue's Dr. Feelgood as well as a slew of Stephan King and Dean Koontz book covers," said Ferentino. "It was incredible to meet with him and see all the original Stephan King book covers hanging on his walls."

Ferentino asks that people come and check them out on the Dreammakers website as well as their site on My Space at www.myspace.com/transfusionm.

"We urge anyone interested in checking out our music to come to a show," said Ferentino. "We will be on the Warped tour until August 11 th, after that we will be performing with CKY, and Breaking Benjamin in the northeast. Beyond that, who knows, perhaps in your town."