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Perfect Red Sets Off Western US Tour

Perfect Red Sets Off Western US Tour

By Michele Mussatto

Midwest-based melody-core metal band Perfect Red launches their tour of the western states this week to promote their second album, "Rebuild the Afterworld." Already a sensation in the Chicago area, Perfect Red's catchy songs and gritty style are quickly gaining nationwide exposure.

Still "hold outs, not sold outs" to the record labels, P-Red is financing their solo tour with the support of their fans and west coast connections. Already seasoned veterans of the Midwest circuit, P-Red has performed with bands such as Disturbed (sold out, House of Blues, Chicago), The Buzzhorn and Pillar.

Perfect Red's music has been described as bridging the gap between alternative rock and heavy metal. A hard rock band in every sense, P-Red's songs are melodic, rhythmic and infectious -- and are catching on with fans of indie, metal, and rock-n-roll alike.

P-Red's second album, "Rebuild the Afterworld," has gained critical acclaim from radio stations and music magazines. The first track, titled "Take Me Home," has already gained airplay and received great response on commercial radio stations such as 92.7 WQLZ in Springfield, IL, where, due to a high number of listener votes, beat out many major label bands such as Staind and Audioslave. Illinois Entertainer magazine voted P-Red the best band of 2005 under the category of "Most Pleasant Local Surprise." Fearlessradio.com features P-Red's songs in their regular rotation, and rumors are that "Gonna Getcha" off Rebuild will be used in an upcoming tv pilot.

Perfect Red - Rebuild the AfterworldDespite the success of their albums, Perfect Red remains a dish best served live. Lead Singer/Songwriter Timmmm loves his fans, and it shows on and off stage. Timmmm utilizes the entire stage during his performance, and even mingles among the fans in the audience. He sings directly to the audience in a very generous way, and his fans receive his offering gratefully. Timmmm engages the audience with confidence, as if he was born to perform. His performance comes from his heart -- you can see in his face that he's feeling every word he's singing.

Drummer Tony and Bassist DJ are a force to be reckoned with. They are fierce performers and very focused, providing the strong backbone for the music. Tony is an aggressive drummer and throws his whole body into his performance. He is meticulous, technical and very confident. Tony and DJ move as one machine at times, riding the same brain wave, in the zone, and getting off on their music. It's impossible not to be swept up by their wave. Surfs up, dudes!

Jeff is an accomplished guitarist, rooted in the classic hard rock tradition, but capable of a wide range of musical styles. He is animated and fun to watch, whipping his guitar and his long hair around without missing a note. I've never seen anyone strum as fast as he does. Jeff's melodic leads follow Timmmm's vocals really well. A relative newcomer to Perfect Red, Jeff's style is likely to add an exciting rock element to P-Red's future compositions as they write to optimize his virtuosity.

Perfect Red On TourVisit P-Red online at www.myspace.com/perfectred to download songs, order albums, view photos and get concert information.