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UnRated Magazine Review: Crown Plaza O'Hare - Rosemont, IL - August 26/27, 2006
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Glamourcon 2006

Glamourcon 2006

Crown Plaza O'Hare - Rosemont, IL - August 26/27, 2006

By Dan Hansen

It was not your typical sizzling and sweltering Chicago Summer day and I'm not just talking about the weather but also Glamourcon 2006, where some of the most stunning and sultry women graced the convention floor. These women could make my wife's housecoat look like sexy lingerie. One of our readers, Jerry from NY, asked if Miriam Gonzalez was sexier in person then in her Playboy layouts. Normally I'd say no because Playboy photographers are some of the best but in this case I will let you know, I think she is HOTTER in person -- even wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt. On top of that, she is very personable.

It was every man's fantasy including this one. How often can a not so hot looking guy nuzzle up to some of the sweetest babes on the planet? They all had booths set up to sell some of their photos and autograph it for you. I personally like all women but I'm partial to Asian women and tall luscious blonds... Shazam! I had my cake and ate it too. For my tall order, I met Alexis Skye the "World's Tallest Fashion and Bikini Model at a looming 6'4, which gave me a great view considering I'm 6' even. I first saw her on the hit TV Show "My Name is Earl and she had a spot on "The Simpson's. My oriental express lunch consisted of Sofiya Mina Smirnova, Asian model and budding actress. I was fortunate enough to be invited for the private screening of her film d├ębut "The Hit, entrant for "The Filmerica 72 Hour Film Challenge. Go Indy Filmmakers!!! Then I had a side order of "Cleopatra of the Nile, who won Best Actress in the Puerto Rican Film Festival. I was also fortunate enough to meet UnRated Magazine's First Vixen and Aly Clark.

The upside and there definitely was an upside, we had our own booth complete with two Vixens -- Jodi and Lesley and two Signature Models -- Samantha and Kathy. I think these girls were the classiest and most outgoing women I've ever had the pressure, I mean pleasure of meeting. They were great. They went out and brought models like Miriam Gonzalez, Athena Lundberg, Tiffany Taylor, Deanna Brooks, Dede Lind, Charlotte Kemp, Akira Lane, Sofiya Mina Smirnova and of course my sweetie Alexis Skye. UnRated's Editor/Photographer Adam Bielawski and Photographer Niva Bringas were present snapping away as our Vixens posed with various attendees and awesome models. Signature Models very own Lamont and Shawn were there supporting the ladies as well as filling in as photographers. Even though I spent a good amount of time behind the computer, I had a blast and look forward to rekindling old flames and spark up something new next year.

I was like a kid in a candy shop and only enough to buy one piece of chocolate. Strangely, it also reminded me of walking through the mall with my wife, past the Victoria Secret store and drooling at the manikins.