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UnRated Magazine Review: Charter One Pavilion at Northerly Island, Chicago, IL, August 24, 2006
Band Concert Review
KC and the Sunshine Band: Please That Booty

KC and the Sunshine Band: Please That Booty

Charter One Pavilion at Northerly Island, Chicago, IL, August 24, 2006

By Jackie Lee King
Photos by Dan Locke

Harry (KC) Wayne Casey is staging a multi-ring circus of talent backed up by one of the flyest bands this side of the 70's. Now flank the main man with dancers Kenetha & Mikie and fill out the sound with Maria & Charlotte and you got "KC's Boogie Blast." Artists featured on this tour of duty to shake your booty included Tavares, Sister Sledge and Gloria Gaynor.

The show began by the sound system transporting fans to back to the time of Studio 54 with all the glitter and gold records that would give a Time Life Music collection a run for its money. Party people hustled on up and got their groove on.

The show itself is a constantly rotating record that starts the boogie and dances you all around the place. KC, the ring master of the Disco Circus, starts you off in the direction by commanding you to, "(Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty." This particular song holds the record for being the only number-one song title with a word repeated four times in it.

"This is what Justin Timberlake will look like in 30 years," noted the 55 year old Disco ringmaster noticing the varied ages of the crowd. And just like Timberlake, he was tended to by a slammin band and dancers.

After warming up the fans a little more he brought to the center ring the multi talented brothers known as Tavares. Brining back the joy of the 70's the brothers performed the classics "It only takes a Minute" and a song from the multi-platinum soundtrack Saturday Night Fever "More than a Woman." During the second half of the show they pleaded with us on "Don't Take Away The Music" and noted that "Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel."

Keeping the family vibe going, ringmaster KC balanced the brothers with the sisters; Sister Sledge (featuring original singer Kathy Sledge). Taking it up a notch the ladies were out have a family reunion with the audience, and they were looking for something special.

Sister SledgeMs. Sledge took this opportunity during the song, "He's the Greatest Dancer" to encourage a little audience participation. Three men boogied on up to the sage threw down in the name of Disco. The dancers Walter, Willie and Perry 'the D-Man' shook their money makers for the sisters. D-man as the audience favorite; an old school pimp daddy that has been making the scene for some 40 years. He got soul in his souls' souls. And of course our sisters brought it all home with "We Are Family" making this a reunion that many will never forget.

Then it was on to the inspirational icon of the 70's Gloria Gainer. Her songs epitomize the healing process of the 70's after coming out of the turbulent 60's. With songs "I Am What I Am" and "I Will Survive" becoming mantras of embracing one's inner strength it's no wonder that when she took the stage, all eyes were on her. Audience member Tony Terronet said "She's an Opera Disco Diva!" and then returned his singing her version of the Michael Jackson classic, "Never Can Say Goodbye"

For the finale KC returned to the stage and informed us to "Keep it Commin Love" and further instructed us with "That's The Way I Like It" and to "Get Down Tonight."

Try as you might to dismiss the bands as cheesy or long forgotten, these songs have become neo-retro in that they are sampled and covered by a diverse group of artists. Weather it's Will Smith's sampling of "He's the Greatest Dancer" for "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It" or Rob Zombie's version of "I'm your Boogieman" this music has a playful simplicity that translates into something timeless.

This music embraces what it means to let your hair down and dance all night long. It's includes the listener directly into the lyrics. Everybody has to sing and dance, and too quote another 70's Icon Shaft, it was KC's "Duty to please that booty."

Gloria GaynorTHE BAND

  • Harry (KC) Wayne Casey Lead Vocals
  • Maria De Crescenzo Back Up Vocals
  • Charlotte Mc Kinnon Back Up Vocals
  • Fermin Goytisolo Percussion
  • Rusty Hamilton III Keyboard
  • Jody Hill Drums
  • Zeljko (Nick) Marinovic Keyboards
  • Jeffery Reeves Lead Guitar
  • Steve Lashley Bass
  • John Reid Trumpet
  • Rick Benedetto Trumpet
  • Kenny Hamilton Saxophone
  • Tim Pitchford Trombone
  • Kenetha Morris Dancer
  • Mikie Duran Dancer