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Kameil Madison: Today’s special...

Kameil Madison: Today’s special...

By Stefanie Newell

Serving up thirteen hot sizzling tracks and hailing from Kalamazoo, Michigan is Kameil Madison on her recently released CD Today's Special. Penned by some as the Queen of Kalamazoo, Kameil has found her niche and created a buzz within Michigan , other surrounding states and even outside of the country.

"I don't know what other unsigned artists are doing in other cities, but I think that I'm doing things much different than the artists here in Kalamazoo . I'm not waiting for someone to give me the things that I want. I'm out almost every night selling CDs, performing, and networking. I'm also a graphics artist so I design all of my promo material. I think that a lot of artists are persistent, it just depends on the things that you do and the people you network with," she says of herself.

Kameil's determination and hard work has paid off. Her accomplishments to date include her songs being featured on Lifetime network's original movie "Sex and a Single Mom" and "Fighting The Odds," FX network's "The Shield," the Wayan's Brothers film "White Chicks," and a Dove commercial introduced initially by Donald Trump's popular television show, "The Apprentice." This commercial can be currently seen on television in its second run. If you find yourself rapping, "Fresh your body, dah dah da da da," then you've stumbled across Kameil's jingle. In addition to being a rapper, Kameil is an entrepreneur and successfully operates her own full-service web design and graphics art company.

In a genre that's dominated by males, I asked Kameil whether she felt any pressure to talk about the subjects that her male counterparts discuss? "Sometimes I do. It's harder for females. I just try and take the things they talk about and discuss it from a female's point of view. I don't really talk about things that I'm not familiar with though. I don't talk about drugs, the hood, and violence because I haven't really had to deal with those things. I try to just stick with what I know." And this is what makes Kameil standout from the crowd; she discusses her realities and not the realities of others.

Kameil credits her mom as giving her a solid foundation growing up. In a world where women are constantly exploited in the music industry, Kameil feels that there is no need to be anything more than Kameil Madison. "Well, a lot of female rappers in the industry right now are going for the sex sells approach. That's not me at all. I want my music and my drive to speak for itself. I want to make you dance and have a good time. Other female rappers are telling women how to be gold diggers and I'm telling women to be "Wifey Material." I'm not saying that I'm better or looking down on anyone else. I just want women to go for getting more respect instead of money all of the time. Money can come and go! When you carry yourself with class, that brings respect and admiration that will last forever."

When asked to elaborate on how she feels about the sexy images of the ladies of rap, she replied, "I really don't know. In one way, I feel it's just another part of entertainment. In another way, I feel sick. We are role models to young girls. I'm not saying that I want 'little' girls to listen to my music but they can't help but to see us on TV and magazines. Kids bring these magazines and things to school and all they see are female artists/models trying to look sexy. We need to watch what we put out there."

Producer DX The Flex produces the bangers on Today's Special, and Kameil feels that this album is different than her last in many ways. "This album is more me. I love R&B music and I think that this album shows that. This album has a few positive songs that I feel can help some people that might be going down the wrong path. Songs like "Wifey Material," "What It's Hittin' Fo," and "Daddy's Little Girl," could really teach some people a few things."

Kameil is definitely a forced to be reckoned with in the future. I'm positive we will be hearing very positive things from her in the coming months. On her future goals she says, "I would actually like a joint venture deal. I want to start signing artists and creating hits. I would like to work with labels like Universal, Def Jam, Asylum or Geffen." I'm quite sure that these labels and others will be beating down her door soon! Check out her new single "Bounce Like This" at www.myspace.com/kameilmadison.