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Mower: Interview with Brian Sheerin

Mower: Interview with Brian Sheerin

By Lori Kerr

When looking for a metal sound that not only makes you want to bang your head, but also makes you smile, laugh and really be able to relate your everyday life to some great lyrics, lay down in your yard and get ready for California band Mower to blow your mind.

Released on May 16, 2006 by Suburban Noize Records, Mowers Not for You, has been selling steadily. Singer Brian Sheerin said that the CD is better distributed than their freshman CD entitled Mower.

Not For You comes right out of the gates slamming with Sheerin and Dominic Moscatello, who also sings lead vocals with Sheerin, ripping up the vocals on first track American Psycho. This song ends with a very clever phrase which is "If you know one thing, know yourself, because you can't know someone else."

This song leads into a song that everybody who drives can relate to and that's Road Rage.

In the chorus, Sheerin sings what many people are thinking when having to drive along side people who really just piss you off.

"I see your mouth is running, I see your finger fly, but you don't understand that the wheel in my hand can decide your fucking life," screams Sheerin.

This song would be Mowers' video debut as well.

Rounding out the line-up for Mower is Matt Wannamaker on guitar, Chris McCredie on bass and Ryan Toth on drums.

The different styles of the dual vocals by Sheerin and Moscatello give Mower a very unique and really cool sound. Sheerin brings in the a very hard, powerful metal sound whereas Moscatello brings in an added flair with his punk-rock vocals which gives Mower a very raw, unfiltered sound that is all it's own and sets them apart from other bands.

Mower has toured to the east coast and back along with bands such as (hed)pe, Kotton Mouth Kings, Adema, Soulfly and Slayer to name a few.

"We play songs that we know we will get a reaction from," said Sheerin about their live shows, "The audience is never really ready for what we do live."

Sheerin said that when writing music you need to be objective. He said that not everything you do is going to be really what you expect in the end. That is why they had Mikey Doley of Snot come in to produce their sophomore CD.

"He is an amazing producer, said Sheerin. "He really brought a lot out of us."

Not for You gives fans a real surprise when coming to the ending song. Mower takes the song California Dreaming, which was originally recorded by the Mamas and the Papas, and puts an incredible punch to it to make it a song that any generation would be proud of.

Sheerin said that the music business today is more about business than the actual music itself. He said that people get sick of listening to the same thing over and over and that they are not trying to reinvent hardcore rock, but to stay true to the music itself and give their fans something that will be memor able.

When asked what bands Mower is influenced by, Sheerin said that that was just a funny question.

"We all agree on bands like Snot, Slayer, Janes Addiction, Megadeth and Helmet, but week to week it changes," said Sheerin. "We will listen to anything once."

Sheerin said that a live Mower show is a very unforgettable experience for all who attend.

"We are constantly moving and definitely work the stage. We want to get the audience involved," said Sheerin. "The intensity level at a Mower show is so high that people who see us will know exactly what I am saying."

To check out Mower you can go to www.myspace.com/mower , www.mowermusic.com or e-mail at mowerinfo@yahoo.com.