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Tina Knowles defends Beyonce

Tina Knowles defends Beyonce

By Stefanie Newell

Apparently, Miss Jones of Hot 97 (who seems to be going the way of Wendy Williams) has gotten herself suspended! In the last few weeks, audio clips have circulated on the Internet of a heated exchange between the Hot 97 deejay and Christina Milian. After Christina refused to answer questions regarding her departure from Island Def Jam, and the rumors of her turning down the hit single 'S.O.S' made popular by singer Rihanna, Miss Jones abruptly disconnected the call. There was also the diss on Monica's single 'Everytime The Beat Drops.' But this time she has apparently topped herself by snubbing Beyonce...and Tina wasn't having it! Beyonce who is readying her sophomoric release B'Day on September 5th has been plagued by a number of rumors. First, there was the online petition for her video 'Deja Vu', then a rumor regarding tension between Beyonce and boyfriend Jay-Z's protege Rihanna, and a rumored attempt to sabotage the release of ex-bandmate Letoya's album. In the last week, both Matthew and Tina Knowles have defended their daughter.