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UnRated Magazine Review: Sept 27, 2002
Band Concert Review
Home Grown Live At the House of Blues

Home Grown Live At the House of Blues

Sept 27, 2002

By Adam Bielawski
Photos by Adam Bielawski

As you walk up to the House of Blues in Chicago and see very few souls outside anxious to get into a Punk Rock show, that is the picture that is most often seen. You start to wonder didn’t the word go out. As you walk inside you find out the show is SOLD OUT and it’s only after 6PM in the evening on a Friday night in Chicago and everyone is already at the concert. Continuing to the House of Blues upstairs you hear the music going and the place is packed to full capacity for this early show of 4 bands including California’s very own Home Grown who just recently past through town during the Vans Warped tour in support of their 3rd studio release "Kings of Pop".

Opening band or not, no one was here to miss Home Grown with Catch 22 and Madcap in support of MEST. At exactly 7:30 PM the lights go dark and all the kids are screaming trying to break through the small barrier as security contains everyone so no one gets hurt. The first thing you see is 4 glow lights appear in the mist of the darkness everyone screaming as this quartet hits the stage to begin a high energetic musical night in Chicago. Homegrown consisting of singer/bassist Adam Lohrbach, singer/guitarist John Tran guitarist Ian Cone and drummer Bob Herco, are now veteran punk rock 'n' rollers that still believe that life should not be taken too seriously as reflected in their music where at times it does hit words of past relationships good or bad as heard this night.

The band was full of energy and was enjoying a night in Chicago. In support of "Kings of Pop", performing many titles of this new disk. Within the mix of sexual innuendos between songs gave everyone a laugh. However, Home Grown did not forget what they were their to do, play loud, play hard and output punk rock in true tradition with such new tracks as "I Love You, Not", "Tomorrow" and "Second Best". Of course never forgetting classics as "Get A Job" that had mostly everyone singing along. When finally they went into "Surfer Girl" the place could not stand still. The floors rocked, you felt as if you were on a trampoline as the floor flexed up and down. Hundreds of punk rockers this night moved as one wave to the beat of "Surfer Girl". Glad that the House of Blues was built to hold such stress. A great moment as the Home Grown continued to give everyone exactly what they came to do, enjoy Southern California Punk Rock. Not stopping the high energy that was felt in the room as Adam Lohrback and John Tran switched their instruments and took over each others jobs on stage and if that was not enough, Bob Herco switched briefly with Ian Cone just to show what he’s made up with a little butt cheek exposure.

Glad that Southern California bands as Home Grown and many others are still keeping the music on the road and traveling out of the west coast and east.