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UnRated Magazine Review: Hard Rock Arena – Hollywood, Florida, United States – November 7, 2006
Band Concert Review
Journey Calling All The Shots In 2006

Journey Calling All The Shots In 2006

Hard Rock Arena – Hollywood, Florida, United States – November 7, 2006

By Greysi Leon
Photos by Steve Trager

Add a pinch of nostalgia, a few sprigs of ravenous fandom, and a heavy helping of unforgettable rifts and you have yourself the makings of a night not soon forgotten.

A lone spotlight flicked on, to highlight Neal Schon playing a gritty rendition of the Star Spangled banner. The floor vibrated as the packed house erupted in a torrent of cheers and whistles that almost outgunning the band itself. So started the night. A good one to be had.

We all know Steve Perry left the band back in the late 1990s to be replaced by Steve Augeri. But back in July, Steve number two had to break from the tour due to a reported chronic throat infection (though some attest he left on the heels of accusations of lip synching), opening the doors for the latest lead, Jeff Scott Soto. Some purists may say Journey just isn't Journey without Steve Perry, and to some degree they are right. But the band has done a fantastic job with this third string singer. Close your eyes, and the band is still there, the passion is still there, and the fans are still there.

Jeff Scott Soto is reminiscent of David Lee Roth (without the high kicks). Though every song, he pounced and fed the audience and added energy to the aging band that was almost palpable. He led the band through the most of their classics.

Set List:

  • Neal Schon Solo (Star Spangled Banner)
  • Stone In Love
  • Ask the Lonely
  • Wheel In the Sky
  • Message Of Love
  • Edge Of the Blade
  • I'll Be Alright Without You
  • Chain Reaction
  • Lights
  • Jon Cain Piano Solo
  • Open Arms
  • Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'
  • Escape
  • Where Were You
  • Faithfully
  • Don't Stop Believin'
  • Anyway You Want It Encore
  • Separate Ways

Jeff Scott Soto of JourneyJeff Scott Soto has developed an onstage presence and a connection with the audience that's winning fans over one stage at a time. If the new face is keeping you from purchasing a ticket to this concert you are missing out on one of the best Journey concert performances ever. The group dynamic was on and in perfect sync with Jeff Scott Soto hitting every note and foremost his energy on stage is outstanding. But what brought the house down, were the ballads that were the background many of many a 1980's baby. Keyboardist, Jonathan Cain had the stage and went instrumental with a mix of classical and rock, one blending into another, until the familiar notes of Open Arms chimed out. The spotlight glowed on drummer, Deen Castronovo who took over and sang, drummed, and took the show. He later sang Faithfully, with videos of the band's life and kids running on the big screens above him. And in a move that brought tears to a few eyes, he pulled out a picture of his own kid, gave it a big kiss, and sang on.

Though the band has changed faces over the years, the taste of Journey, remains ever constant. Doubters should stand aside. The band has proven, that they are as good as they have ever been.