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UnRated Magazine Review: The Congress Theatre – Chicago, Illinois, United States – January 29, 2007
Band Concert Review
Finger Eleven: Thumbs Up

Finger Eleven: Thumbs Up

The Congress Theatre – Chicago, Illinois, United States – January 29, 2007

By Terra Cooney

Though Finger Eleven has been putting out CDs since the late '90s, Monday, January 29, at the Congress Theater in Chicago, was the first time I've witnessed them live. Frankly, after listening to some of their music, I expected something a little more amateur. The Wind-Up Records artists did impress me, however, by putting on a good rock show. Their start was strong as red lights cast a silhouette on the long-haired guitarist of the band, who jumped around with his back to the crowd. As the lights illuminated the rest of the five-piece Canadian band, the other personalities came forth. Bassist Sean Anderson was stagnant throughout most of the show, stepping into the shadows to let his music emerge, while both James Black and Rick Jackett jammed on their guitars, creating an active stage left and stage right. Rich Beddoe kept it together on drums while Scott Anderson, vocalist, seemed to size up the microphone before each heartfelt note.

The lighting was perfect as dark colors danced across the stage to the sounds of Finger Eleven. The height of the excitement during this performance was when the band played the familiar hit "One Thing" from their 2003 self-titled release. Enthusiasm spread through the crowd when they performed their latest single, "Paralyzed" from the new CD Them Vs. You Vs. Me, due out in early March. You can tell this band is one that is progressing with a keen live performance and some solid songs that are found in greater supply as time goes on.

Finger Eleven showed they could rock a steadier song with "Quicksand" from their first album, Tip as the stage was bathed in blue. Then they got loud again and rocked out as singer Scott ran his fingers through his hair and pointed out at the crowd throwing his lyrics directly into them.

As stage smoke trickled out from behind the guys, the band finished up their nine-song set with "Good Times" from their previous release. The title was fitting for the mood left dangling in the air as Finger Eleven walked off stage.