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UnRated Magazine Review: In the USA in support of lates CD.
Band Concert Review
Haven In Chicago on October 10, 2002

Haven In Chicago on October 10, 2002

In the USA in support of lates CD.

By Bill Schupp
Photos by Adam Bielawski

Making a more than welcome appearance in Chicago was the new British sensation Haven. Haven, which consists of Vocalist Gary Brigs, Guitar Nat Wason, bass Iwan Granow and Jack Mitchell on the skins, received an open embrace from a packed house at Schuba’s. Can they be the lead of a new string of British Invasion that are making the airways and touring the US? This new Fab 4, Haven, displayed the youthful persona of what everyone envisions an up and coming rock and roll band on the move to be. Welcoming everyone before and after their performance with autographs, tossing back a couple of pints with the fans, and exchanging their thoughts with the crowd at Schuba’s provided the sense that they are enjoying themselves and very happy touring in promotion of their latest CD, "Between the Senses" from Virgin Records.

The band’s performance in this intimate venue provided a good time for all that came. They have a mellow style and dulcet vocals that entranced the listeners and most definitely swooned the females. Beautiful guitar work, a smooth rhythm and beat provide and excellent back for the passionate, yet not overbearing, vocals of Gary Briggs. The band, originally from Cornwall and transplanted to Manchester, England, plays in their own zone and come across as a really cohesive unit. A perfect illustration of this point is in their hit single “Let It Live” where the intricate guitar work of Nat Wason, the steady bass and beat of Iwan Granow and Jack Mitchell work and combine in harmony with the soothing vocals of Gary Briggs. Haven’s melodic ballads create an enjoyable, warm atmosphere. Definitely a good time, catch them with a date.

The band has other chemistry for success other than their virtuosi. Original band manager for the Smith’s, Joe Moss, mentored Haven. Guitarist for the Smith’s and now producer, Johnny Marr, held sessions with the band and produced Haven’s UK hit singles “Beautiful Thing” and “Let It Live”. A good sampling of the band’s audio and video is available at the bands website, http://www.haven-usa.com Pick up the CD and make them a definite must-see. Formulate your own opinion on whether Haven is the next U-2 albeit with an edge or the next Oasis without the sharp corners.

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