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UnRated Magazine Review: Fizz - Chicago, IL, United States - March 2, 2007
Band Concert Review
The Lusties at the Fizz Chicago

The Lusties at the Fizz Chicago

Fizz - Chicago, IL, United States - March 2, 2007

By Jackie Lee King

It doesn't take a rock n' roll scientist to figure out if a band has chemistry; just look at the expressions on their faces and you'll know. In the case of the Lusties, the proof is in the palpitations generated by Ms. Edie Lustie. The five piece Chicago punk-pop powerhouse also features guitarist Larz Lustie (The Strange), GT Lustie (American Motherload) on guitar, St. Michael Lustie (Rachael's Surrender/Mercurine) and Jackie Lustie (Cheap Caskets/13 Tikis) on the drums.

Relocating from the intoxication of Austin TX, the Lusties have found their new home in the Midwest and are spreadin' the lust across the Midwest. Their sound is a throw back to a more edgier time in most people's live; lustful high school days. More melodic than the Ramones and edgier than Hole, the Lusties penetrate the chasm in the Chicago music scene and ride it out like it's the Kentucky Derby. Each Lustie member compliment Edie's in your face sound. It really looks like they are having a good time.

The Lusties live show is a balls-out tongue lashing that lobs Edie out into the audience; the stage can not contain her need. Eddie holds you by the tone of her voice and makes you beg for more. This is the band that should be playing in the next Zombie movie in the scene just before helpless victims are ripped apart. Edie would playfully serenade the beasts and satiate their savageness with her lyrics.

With the song "High School Love," you are taken back to the teacher-student relationship and how the sex can be so hot. I'm not here to judge the lust, just tell ya about it and considering in the past few years this scenario seems to be popping up in the news more and more.

In the passive-aggressive "Low Life" Edie ponders the subtleness of being taken for granted or being taken. It is a common tale of two ex's where one person gets all the benefits and the other just gets bent.

Other songs to check out live are, "Atom Smasher" and "Rubber Maid;" you won't be disappointed. When the chaos calms down you will be able to intermingle with the very friendly band and maybe share a smoke break with them, but cuddling is for sissies and it's on to the next gig because, "Lust Never Sleeps."