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UnRated Magazine Review: Bank United Center - Miami, Florida, United States - March 19, 2007
Band Concert Review
Snow Patrol in Miami

Snow Patrol in Miami

Bank United Center - Miami, Florida, United States - March 19, 2007

By Lauri Svendsen

There are few times in one's life, where you are left awestruck. Stunned. Without words, that could describe what was felt, seen, and heard. Tonight was one of those nights for me.

A quarter to eight, we roll up on the footsteps of the Bank United Center, within the shadow of UM ( University of Miami ). Being so situated, the vast majority, if not every face was that of a twenty-something, dressed casually, as if heading out to a local pub for a beer.

Upon entering, the mood changed somehow to a more intimate setting. Gone are the rows and rows of seats, replaced with deep black cloth that almost embraces the whole theater. It feels.. like a concert.. for me. Not for thousands or hundreds.. but for me.

The lights dim.. the crowd cheers in anticipation, and a curtain of lights flicker like stars behind the silhouettes of the band... Snow Patrol. A quiet, Scottish voice pops out on the microphone... and all (but me) recognize Gary Lightbody. Now, take note that, though I pride myself on listening to a myriad of music. Snow Patrol hadn't wedged its way into my collection yet, so this, and he, were all very new to me.

Gary greeted the crowd in a way that left me feeling like he knew every single fan. It was again, a level of intimacy that I had not felt in many venues. For Snow Patrol, it was the first time playing in Miami and he mentioned that if they played on tour in Miami in the summer, he and they would spontaneously combust. Miami heat isn't meant for Scottish boys. He joked.

So on went the music. What struck me more than anything else, was how perfectly the band played. Perfect not in the sense of tune or pitch as would be expected of any musician worth their salt, but a much more subtle perfection. They played and not one competed with the other, the guitar complimented the keyboard, that complimented the baseline, that was the backdrop to the vocals. The vocals in fact, were so clear, that every word or every song I heard and understood. Very tough to quantify with words, but it was in all sense musical perfection.

The show was peppered with highlights; Shut Your Eyes from their 2006 album "Eyes Open" with the whole crowd singing the chorus as the band played; Chocolate, dedicated to one very happy and crowd envied girl named Monica; Set the Fire to the Third Bar where Gary, through either divine intervention, sheer luck, or her sign that said PICK ME, pulled a girl from the audience that sang so well, she seemed to surprise even the band. She sang almost identically to Martha Wainwright from the CD and was welcomed back to the audience with massive applause and stunned looks.

The show was.. in a word was utterly fantastic, ok.. two words. So good, I ran out the next morning and bought "Eyes Open" and "Final Straw." "Eyes Open" I have added to my short list of MUST OWN albums. Let's say... It's a very short list that got one band longer.