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UnRated Magazine Review: Durty Nellies - Palatine, IL, United States - April 15, 2007
Band Concert Review
Escape From Earth Rocks Durty Nellies

Escape From Earth Rocks Durty Nellies

Durty Nellies - Palatine, IL, United States - April 15, 2007

By Anthony Camastro

Even though the crowd at Durty Nellies in Palatine on April 15 th, 2007 wasn't a packed stadium Escape From Earth preformed like it was. The local Chicago band never fails to amaze not only myself, but other local band concert goers. They took the stage for sound check and ended up starting early to give the fans what they wanted, awesome music. They started off the show with the song The Accident. The crowd lit up, some fans danced, others just stood there and nodded their heads to the beat, and the rest sung along. They went into a song off their latest CD Who Do I Have To Kill titled Did You Know. The song is one of my favorites and even though I was there to take photos of the band during their performance I found myself tapping my foot and singing along while I looked through my lens. They went through more songs including a song that was on a MTV Coke commercial titled Without. It was a rocking show, and then they came to something that made everyone's head turn, a rock cover of Justin Timberlake's Bringing The Sexy Back. I don't like the original song but when Escape From Earth covers it I find myself singing along and almost dancing to it. They ended the show with the title track of their current CD Who Do I Have To Kill. Escape From EarthThe crowd gave their applause and cheers to the band and it was over all too soon. It's been two days since the show and I'm still singing the songs over and over in my head and I'm sure almost everyone that was there that night is doing the same thing.