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UnRated Magazine Review: Performing at the Metro on November 26th
Band Concert Review
Noise Therapy Live In Chicago

Noise Therapy Live In Chicago

Performing at the Metro on November 26th

By Paul Martinowski
Photos by Adam Bielawski

Noise Therapy brought their brand of hard rock remedies to The Metro Tuesday, November 26th. On tour promoting their American debut "Tension," the band has been winning over audiences with a powerful stage show and crisp musicianship. This show was no exception. Opening with the soon to be hit "Get Up," (already getting considerable airplay), the band got the house rocking. Lead vocalist Dave Ottoson simply would not tolerate a solemn crowd, actively demanding crowd surfing. The rather tame crowd seemed to be simply enjoying the tune!!!!!!! Then came "Ride,” and the band shifted into kick-ass gear. Wowing the crowd, we finally saw the surf. Dave's blaring vocals even managed to overcome the terrible PA system. The haunting harmonics by Kai (on guitar) and the innovative pluck style by Rob Thiessen (on bass and vocals), coupled with a driving rhythm by Bobby James (on drums) made for a performance not easily forgotten. Rounding out the sound and just plain getting into it was James P (on keyboards).

Continuing with the set, Dave showed a softer side with his vocals on “Yesterday.” Coming right back was a terrific effort on “Far Away.” A hard driving rhythm with talkback vocals really rocked the house. Whew!!!

Next was an invitation for all the ladies to present themselves front and center. The band went into a perfect rendition of “Star 69 (Wait for Nothing).” This could very well be their signature tune. It combines everything the band does well and provides a great presence for the stage. Very “chick friendly,” I might add. The combustible coda of the tune was accented by a good toss of the drumsticks into the crowd by Bobby. The crowd wants more!

Now that everybody has caught their breath, Dave pleads (demands) for the crowd to go nuts. They do and the surfing returns when the band tears into “Inside.” This is easily the best piece of the show, which is no easy task. With a fury, and much force, we are getting what we came for -- Noise Therapy. Then the big finish!!! Bobby throws his sticks in the crowd once again. Then comes the moment we weren't ready for--the show is over. Obviously the Metro stage is all business and schedule because the roadies are already tearing down the stage. Too bad. An encore would have been appropriate for the mood of the crowd.

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