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UnRated Magazine Review: Molson Amphitheatre – Toronto, ON, Canada – August 26, 2007
Band Concert Review
The Scorpions Still Rocking Like a Hurricane!

The Scorpions Still Rocking Like a Hurricane!

Molson Amphitheatre – Toronto, ON, Canada – August 26, 2007

By Kim Lapalme
Photos by Calvin Oberton

Now the 80's are the new 60's, the Scorpions are back for an encore… and they haven't lost that Sting! There are things that legends are made of, and the Scorpions are members of that secret society who hold keys to the grail of Heavy Metal Stardom.

Amidst swirling dry ice, dazzling lights and wardrobe clichés, the almost sold out crowd embarked on a flashback to 1987 as the band wound them to a well-honed peak during a solid 2-hour performance at the Molson Amphitheater in Toronto.

Fronted by singer Klaus Meine and his sidekick guitarist Rudolf Schenker the German band started off the night with the song Hour 1 from their new album Humanity Hour 1. Meines voice lacks depth but it's compensated with a razor blade, wrist-slitting style earning him the right to prance around the stage in all his iconic glory.

A few of the magic tricks were predictable such as "it's good to be back in Toronto" and Schenkers Townsend ala ZZ Topp guitar twirling moves - but the Scorpions gave it to em' good, feeding the hungry crowd with Love 'Em or Leave 'Em, The Zoo, Deep and Dark then caressing them during the after play with the ballad Send Me An Angel.

The night ended with an 80's style encore. Cigarette lighters held high in vigil as the audience sang along. Alchemy in Latin: SOLVE ET COAGULA — Separate, and Join Together. In a crowd consisting of past and present generations invisible walls were brought down as they all came in unison to the Wind of Change , Still Loving You and Rock You like a Hurricane. And so the legend goes, Heavy Metal was alive in well on a hot summer night in Toronto.