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UnRated Magazine Review: Partyten Kluppels - Mierlo Hout, The Netherlands – May 13, 2007
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Golden Earring Still Rockin Steady

Golden Earring Still Rockin Steady

Partyten Kluppels - Mierlo Hout, The Netherlands – May 13, 2007

By Edwin van Hoof

Now believe it or not, but one of rock's finest and most classic melodic outfits in the whole wide world is still rocking steady. In fact, Golden Earring is currently celebrating their 40th (!!!!) anniversary as recording artists.

Having conquered the world with their hit single "Radar Love" the quartet has delivered stream of releases. All top notch rocking records, including a ton of hit singles in Holland. On Friday, May 13, 2007, they heat up the massive tent of Kluppels, who are celebrating their 44 th anniversary as one of the biggest carnivals corporation in the Netherlands.

Yes indeed, it is Friday the 13th and when the biggest rock band in the Netherlands (and perhaps Europe) takes possession of the stage. Hitting it off with the amazing "Candy's Going Bad" from their highly acclaimed "Moontan" record, the mood is set for a great night. Newer songs like "Skyscraper Hell" and "Better Off Dead" match the pattern of the classics like the driving and powerful "Future," "Save Your Skin" or the awesome "Mission Impossible." This track is perhaps their finest ever and unmistakably one of the best rock songs of all time.

"Another 45 Miles" is another one of those number one hit singles that is sung along to by the 2,500 devouring it like candy. But it is not until the mighty "When the Lady Smiles" and "Twilight Zone" that the tent literally starts to move. The energy that these oldies release onstage is immaculate! The powerful and typical voice of Barry Hay has not even lost a small fragment of its power and soul. Hay is performing like a madman and still looks like a young god! An intimate moment follows when they pay tribute to a fan that passed away while driving home from an Earring gig last year. Hit by a large chop of concrete thrown onto the freeway from a fly over, she lost her life. "I've just lost somebody" is their breathtaking intimate tribute to a fan and friend. The audience is quiet...

Another one of these silent moments passes when Golden Earring play "Going to the Run, the song of Dutch Hell's Angels," and yet another one of their number 1 hit songs. Time to raise the roof again with "Johnny Make Believe" and the driven "Albino Moon." All classic hymns of Dutch rock history, well celebrated, even by the large number of youngsters! Beer starts to flow heavily towards the end, and starts to fly through the air when embarked onto an inspired version of the mighty "Radar love!" The song still has it after all these years, and the band enjoys every single minute of it! George Kooymans really gives his best and fires away the opening riff to burst into oblivion. The always sober and introvert Rinus Gerritsen (Garrison) sticks to his square foot, paddling on his Moog en swinging his double neck short scale Danelectro bass. The piece is an eye-catcher and has been his partner onstage for nearly 40 years straight! But "Radar Love" is also the song in which Cesar Zuiderwijk shows why he was the first pick to join the revived THE WHO. His loud and soulful drumming is set on fire during the minute long drums solo spot in which he really ripps it up. I'm not a fan of solo spots, but this is so different. The large drums behind his kit has a wide scale of sounds and is hammered well by this maestro! When the other members join for the big finish it is over for this moment. The crowd goes wild and cheers history back on stage!

To wrap up this time warp, Golden Earring tops it off with their finest moments. "Back Home" has been a live classic for decades, as is the awesome "Long blond Animal." Both are in extended version and with a lot of spirit. "Holy Life" is the end for this magnificent night. Certainly one to remember and most certainly one of the bands that wrote rock history, over. And over, and over...Again!

Make sure to track down their best of collection. If needed, mail me and I get you the stuff needed to pay tribute to one of rock's finest!