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UnRated Magazine Review: Darkroom – Chicago, IL, United States – October 11, 2007
Band Concert Review
White Hot Knife, On Fire with New CD Release

White Hot Knife, On Fire with New CD Release

Darkroom – Chicago, IL, United States – October 11, 2007

By Terra Cooney

An eclectic group of people buzzed around inside Chicago's Darkroom on October 11, waiting for the bar's weekday red-light special--a local band called White Hot Knife. Though it was a Thursday (almost Friday morning) the show-goers were laid-back, but far from tired, waiting for the band to step on stage at their CD release party for the album, Liars Make Good Lovers. The five men mingled amongst friends and music lovers as another local band AM/FM, warmed up the room.

Old photos encased in the surface of a blood-red bar matched the sleek décor, complete with more crimson coverings draped atop the stage. Full, black leather booths sat under large, strong images of people and close-ups of automobile parts hanging on the walls. With a pentagon-shaped bar big enough to allow everyone to mill around and make friends and a 3-1-2 drink special, it felt only right that Chicago's own should be headlining this venue.

With the patio closed, due to a quickly dropping temperature outside, and the VIP room bare, the focus was on the main lounge. The fifty or sixty assorted attendees chatted casually, attesting to the universal appeal of the musicians. Lead vocalist Joe Olivio beckoned everyone to the front for an intimate beginning as the music started. The members, all with their own signature look, took to their stage spots, having perfected their unified presence with more frequent performances. They began with a big sound on "Pedastal" as people livened up, and during the second song, "You Should've Kept," even the White Hot Knife virgins felt the power of their sound. The lights and movement reflected off of the window behind the stage as a perfect backdrop to the sweet sound. By the third track, "Speakeasy," the band was demonstrating dramatic stage moves and the people at the rear of the bar had moved closer. As they played more hits from the new CD, as well as two songs so new that one had been written days before, the crowd gave positive input with applause that sounded like it came from twice the capacity. The band finished big with a "thank you" to all in attendance, a promise of a free copy of Liars Make Good Lovers for all, and you could sense that, though it was late, no one was ready for the show to be over. Ending it with vocals and instrumentals pushed to the limit and drinks in hand, White White Hot KnifeHot Knife left the stage. Check them out at their Halloween performance on October 27 (2007) at Subterranean. Can't make it? Don't miss them on November 8 (2007) at Cobra Lounge.

Photos courtesy of Luis H. Hernandez