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UnRated Magazine Review: Epcot, American Pavilion – Orlando, FL, United States – October 14, 2007
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David Cassidy: Happy with David Cassidy

David Cassidy: Happy with David Cassidy

Epcot, American Pavilion – Orlando, FL, United States – October 14, 2007

By Anita Maree Brodersen

The one and only David Cassidy was recently entertaining the flocks of Disney visitors at Epcot for three nights in a row. The timeless Cassidy performed three, 45 minute sets each night and he still has the heart-throb charm and those memorizing songs that can melt a girl's heart the moment he starts singing. As soon as he took stage he told the crowd that he was going to sing all his top hits but some of his songs were going to have a new twist. David started the show with the pounding I Can Hear Your Heartbeat and the screaming girls just tore it up like he was still a teen idol walking off the set of The Partridge Family. Then he did a beautiful job at singing his hit Point Me in the Direction of Albuquerque. Then he turned his song I'll Meet You Halfway, into a crowd pleasing dancing number and everyone was up out of their seats singing and clapping. During a few songs he signed some memorabilia and he even signed a jigsaw puzzle from back in the 1970's of his face. He flirted with the audience and said “See, I was even a jigsaw puzzle back in the day!” He sang his T.V. show theme Come On Get Happy and after a few more songs, he ended his second show of the night with his biggest hit I Think I Love You.

Earlier this year Cassidy re-recorded some of his most popular songs and turned them into dance remixes. The CD is called David Cassidy Part II: The Remix.

Cassidy seemed thrilled to be performing at Epcot and coming back to his roots by playing guitar and singing the songs that made him a household name and at one time one of the highest paid live entertainers in the world.

Come on and get happy and take a listen to some great pop songs remixed so you can dance it up, by the talented (and still charming) David Cassidy.