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The OZZFEST 2003

The OZZFEST 2003

By Mike Romcoe

That's right! Number 7 and Ozzy is pumped-up for 2003. He's keeping busy and getting ready for this summers must-see blockbuster 14 hr event OZZFEST2003! Reports indicate that he has been working out at least 5 days a week for the tour. The tour is set to kick off Sat-Jun-28 in San Antonio, TX at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre. I'm sure those Texans remember back in 1982 when Ozzy was caught drunk and inadvertently urinated on a historic part of the Alamo. I know Ozzy remembers the Alamo! Ozzy returns as headliner, along with veteran axe man, Zakk Wyld, Robert Trujillo and Michael Borden, who will cover a large set of Ozzy's 33-year heavy-metal career. The last Ozzfest showcased System of a Down, Disturbed and Rob Zombie and the traditional hard-hitting favorites getting their chance to throw down. They all were great! The event grossed 26.3 million, ranking # 17 among all of the tours last year. Then everyone celebrated the finale with the news that his wife and (life guardian), Sharon's cancer had gone into remission. Kick-Ass! The Ozzfest continues its reputation for showcasing multi-platinum acts that make it so worth wile. This years main stage line-up will feature Marlin Manson, Disturbed, and yes even Korn has signed on for their very first Ozzfest appearance. The main gets started around 5 pm with Chevelle who are graduating stages this year. More bands TBA. The second stage is always a favorite of mine. This year it will feature the Goth Metal band Cradle of Filth with their first U.S. festival appearance. Also, Trust Co., Shadow's Fall, Killswitch Engage, Nothingface, Hotwire, Grade 8, Twisted Method, Unloco, and Memento. With more TBA.

"It's sweaty it's, physical, it's ugly!"-Marlin Manson

OzzyIt's all about the fans! Get Ozzfest tickets for 10 bucks

Ozzfest 2003 is offering a limited number of lawn seats for $10. The special priced $10 tickets are available only at venue box offices or other designated locations while supplies last. Check your local listings for purchase info. Take advantage if you can. You will need all the $ you can spare for high priced food and beverages. The actual show kicks off around 11am. Warning! Once you are admitted, you may not be allowed to get back in. I will keep you posted as updates come in. If you have any questions about what Ozzfest is like feel free to e-mail me and if I can help. Enjoy

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