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UnRated Magazine Review: Metro - Chicago, IL, USA - September 24, 2008
Band Concert Review
Twista's Got Love for the Dogs

Twista's Got Love for the Dogs

Metro - Chicago, IL, USA - September 24, 2008

By Dan Hargesheimer

Twista and crew came out to a smaller than usual crowd at the Metro on Wednesday night, but that didn't deter him from putting on the best show he knew how! Twista's openers included EPMD and Mic Terror and the crowd included hip hop fans and dog lovers alike. This concert was sponsored by the Humane Society of the United States to promote the Anti-Dogfighting Campaign, whose clever slogan states, "Dogfighting is the Pits". The campaign is making its way across the country, complete with hip hop stars and a professional dog trainer, who offers his services to anyone with powerful canines that need obedience training. Humane Society representatives stood inside the door of the Metro passing out information on the campaign and collecting money for the worth-while cause.

The first act to come on stage was Mic Terror, a man whose favorite line was very obviously "Hi-yo!" as the crowd was asked to repeat it numerous times. He performed songs such as "Porno Movies", and "Juke Them Hoes", which had surprisingly catchy sounds to compliment the perverted and sometimes obnoxious lyrics.

Following Mic Terror was a well-known group amongst hip hop fans from Brentwood , New York known as EPMD. This group, whose name is an acronym for "Erick and Parrish Making Dollars", was much more enjoyable than the first act as they had a more old school sound to them. Their songs were hard-hitting and resonated with the many EPMD fans in the room. Along with performing songs their fans could relate to, they spoke about the importance of the Humane Society and the Anti-Dogfighting Campaign.

Once EPMD was finished performing for the excited crowd, they headed backstage and left the entertaining to a Humane Society dog trainer, a well-trained Pit Bull and his owner. Jigga, the adult Pit Bull, was on hand at the concert so that people could see the outcome of the campaign's dog training program. Walking around as happy as could be, Jigga greeted anyone who came near him and sat obediently next to his owner for the entirety of the concert. During his time on stage, Jigga performed tricks running up and down ramps and performing a textbook "sit-stay" for the audience.

Immediately following the canine entertainment, Twista came out from backstage and looked relaxed in front of his hometown crowd. He played a fair share of old and new, all of which kept you fixated on him as he shot out more lyrics in a second than most of us could spit out in a minute! He holds a Guinness world record for a reason. So as he continued on, his posse jumped around stage while finishing off the last few words to each line of his songs. The only let down was that Twista and his group only performed the verses they were featured in, instead of playing entire songs. Therefore, the crowd was bombarded with a mix of snippets of several popular songs in which Twista was featured.

This show, while it did not have the largest turnout, was for a great cause and not only provided several hours of entertainment for hip hop fans, but also taught the public a little bit more about the immense dangers of dog fighting.

Thanks to Lauren Hargesheimer for her contributions to this story.