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Ronnie James Dio, House of Blues,Chicago,IL December 2002

Ronnie James Dio, House of Blues,Chicago,IL December 2002

By Ladd Perina

I have been a Rock fan all my life, and I have seen some awesome shows in my day, but when you meet a rock legend like Ronnie James Dio you never forget it. It was Sunday December 1, 2002. I was at home doing some work and a thought kept coming into my head. Dio is playing at the House of Blues. So, off I went to the House of Blues, Chicago. I got there just when Hammer Fall was finishing up, and I have to say they did a great job despite the engineering problems, they reminded me of the old school brittish rockers Iron Maiden. Well after waiting for what seemed like a week. Dio finally came on. It was the first time I got a chance to see him him play. I was really impressed with the way he sang and performed. You can tell he had years of experience behind him everything came so natural to him. The show was out of this world. Afterwards I hung around for a while, hoping for a chance to meet the rock legend, what did I have to lose. Then I met some cool people and was invited to stik around. So I stayed till his staff started calling us to go upstairs. I kept thinking there going to kick my ass out for not having a pass, but for some reason they kept waving me on. I got upstairs and there was Dio talking to some folks. I went up to him a little nervous and said “Dio you were great! and you still are great!”, he said thanks, we talked for a while and then he took the time to pose for few pictures. It was pure magic, there is nothing like meeting a Rock legend and finding out he is down to earth and really cares about his fans. If you ever get a chance to see Dio go, and stick around after the show, you wont be disappointed. Rock On