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UnRated Magazine Review: House of Blues – Chicago, IL, USA – March 29, 2009
Band Concert Review
The Game on the L.A.X. Tour in Chicago

The Game on the L.A.X. Tour in Chicago

House of Blues – Chicago, IL, USA – March 29, 2009

By Tamara Jenkins
Photos by Adam Bielawski

Amid the storm of flashing lights and heavy smoke lingering in the air, a standing room only audience awaited the arrival of rap's notorious son, Game, who brought his L.A.X. Tour to Chicago's House of Blues on March 29th.

The all ages show brought out quite a diverse crowd. From b-boys and preppy frat boys, to young and old; white, black and latin; everyone was anxious. But the excitement and anticipation turned to restlessness and maybe even frustration as the crowd waited for what seemed like an eternity for the man of the moment to appear. Opening acts Chicago's Money Bag Boyz and L.A. rapper Nipsey Hussle, whose style is reminiscent of Snoop Dog, failed to create very little, if any, enthusiasm from the crowd; but the final act, Jay Rock, also from L.A., drew modest attention when he performed his current single "All My Life" featuring Lil Wayne.

When Game finally did appear, a little before 9:00 p.m., he slowly strolled onto the stage breaking all rap show rules, arriving ALONE. Just him- mic in hand, dressed in a white Nike running suit with red Nikes on and a large b-boy style rope gold chain around his neck.

As females in the audience rushed to the front of the stage, Game greeted the audience and proceeded into his first song "Dope Boys". The first half of the show included Game throwing dollar bills in the air (making it rain) to the pleasure of the audience while performing "Big Dreams" and the DJ paying tributes to his mentors Dr. Dre and Snoop by playing "Gin and Juice," G-Thang" and "Who Am I" (what's my name) with Game and the audience singing along.

During the second half, he ended his solo stage presence by randomly selecting fans in the audience to join him while he performed "Cali Sunshine." He teased females in the front row then, with security hoisting up girl after girl onto the stage, he performed his rap groupie anthem "Wouldn't Get Far." He then proceeded to drink an entire bottle of Grey Goose (in less than 5 minutes), performed "Put you onto the Game" and continued with more tributes, this time to Tu Pac with "California Love" and Biggie with "Memorized" and "Juicy."

The GameHe then began his "G-UNOT rant on songs "Higher," "Hate it or Love it" and "How We Do." He concluded the show by asking everyone to put their lighters and open cell phones in the sky as he performed "My Life." And that was it. He abruptly left the stage with the dj playing stanky leg at 10 p.m. and there was no encore.

Listening to his CD's and watching and/or reading his interviews it seems Game has a genuine love for hip hop, but it just doesn't carry over to his live performance or maybe he needs to work on conveying that side of himself to his audience. Either way, lets hope the next time he comes to Chicago, he brings his A Game and not his D Game.