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UnRated Magazine Review: Kool House – Toronto, CANADA – September 10, 2010
Band Concert Review
Slash: Live at the Kool House in Toronto

Slash: Live at the Kool House in Toronto

Kool House – Toronto, CANADA – September 10, 2010

By Calvin Oberton

Slash is still the man on guitar!

Slash, considered one of the greatest rock guitarists in rock music, is back on the road with his new band just called Slash. The house was packed, with 3,000 plus fans in attendance at the Kool House in Toronto, Canada, on September 12, 2010. Slash been on the road for a few months, and Toronto has a history with Slash over the many years. Toronto is a city that loves Slash. As the band took the stage opening up with Ghost, the sound was good from the beginning, but some did not consider it the right song to start the set and rev up the crown. Velvet Revolvers, Dirty Little Think, picked things up with its high energy punk level of music, and of course, Guns 'n Roses... the song that got the crowd into 4th gear was Nightrain by GnR.

On this 2010 tour, Slash brought vocalist Myles Kennedy, formerly of Alter Bridge, who has a great stage presence and vocal range. He is able to create a flawless impression of Ian Astbury (formerly of The Cult and the new Doors) who sang on the album Slash. In addition, take on the role of front man Scott Weiland, as well as GnR favorites which were originally performed by Axle Rose with Slash back in the day. Kennedy, all you can say is that the man has the pipes. Kennedy performed well, he was not there to imitate Rose's sound, but he did cover all the GnR Rose songs very well and impressed the fans, which is no easy task.

A few minor moments covering Velvet Revolver songs but the fans seem to like it and did not care. The band played for 2 hours with such unbalanced sound that at times it got very annoying. There was way too much bass and drum sound, muffled and not enough guitar sound, Slash's was a lost in the mix on various sets. Naturally, Kennedy the man with the pipes was at his best when he sand his own material, especially with his performance of Starlight, a great bluesy vocal voice.

As for the man himself, he is good, old Slash hiding behind the big hair, the big black top hat, shades on, and playing the guitar in ways that no one can ever match. His sound is his own, and his own style. Slash plays with ease. It's very clear that Slash loves to play.

The band played good and tight overall, with Todd Kearns (formerly of Age of Electric) firing up the crowd. Brant Fitz, playing solid on the drums, and Bobby Schneck laying the guitar rhythm just like Izzy Stradlin style. But of course, the star of the show was Slash, born Sol Hudson; the show is all about him.

There were more rocking hands in the air during Slash's guitar solos than during the chorus' of songs sang. Most cheer came when Slash and the band played the hits by Guns 'n Roses, songs like Sweet Child of Mine, Slither, and Paradise City. All hats off to the man, Slash, with the big black top hat, and his rocking band.

Keep on Rockin, boys!