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UnRated Magazine Review: Frontier Records - April 24, 2012
Album Review
Tyketto – Dig In Deep

Tyketto – Dig In Deep

Frontier Records - April 24, 2012

By Edwin van Hoof

No less than 17 years did it take Tyketto to release their fourth studio album! 21 Years after their stunning debut "Don't Come Easy," the band returns to their roots with their classic line up. Having toured for several tours over the last few years, the band maintained their contact with their devoted followers and revived the vibe of days long gone. Classic melodic rock with an icing of AOR and feel good vibe, making this one a sure hit for fans of the genre.

"Dig In Deep" warps us back, say 20 years, to a time when fists went up high for melodic power anthems. Timeless classics with a silver lining, such as the ear mingling melodic hammer "Love to Love," which would have shot straight to the top ten of the charts in the old days. Powerful, yet slick. Driven, yet sweet. Soaring melodies, chunky thick guitar-riff, crystal clear solo-ing from Brooke; Trademark material for the band. "Here's Hoping it Hurts," with it's sing along 'sunny side' to life, or the brilliant laid back melodic "Monday," with soaring vocals from vocalist extraordinaire Danny Vaughn. Again the spotlight is on the remarkable guitarplaying of Brooke St. James, forceful swinging his axe. Loud riffs, biting solos, sweet harmonies. Something he combines in the blistering opening to "The Fight Left in Me," shooting Beethoven scales, much like Yngwie Malmsteen fired them upon us in his heydays. "Evaporate" clings on to the classic "End of Summer Days," where the title track opens with an Aerosmith inspired slide, propelled onwards by a loud static riff. Polyrhythmic drumming by Michael Clayton laying down a rock solid groove together with Jimi Kennedy on bass. Funky, bluesy snapping tune which would have fitted perfectly on "Shine." "Sound Off" picks up the pace a bit with full frontal rocking attitude and Vaughn showing a more gritty side. Easing down on the remarkable "Let this One Slide," another prime cut Tyketto tune featuring the band's classic ingredients. Feel good vibe all over, ear mingling choruses, powerful hooks and riff. Just brilliant. "Dig in Deep" is silenced by the magnificent ballad "This is how we Say Goodbye," a heartfelt hommage to their family and heritage.

Now I did leave out the opening track "Faithless" simply because it is the only odd track on the album. Even though it features the band's typical summarized ingredients, it does also feature a different approach many will have to get used to. It takes a few spins, but don't let this one throw you off.

"Dig in Deep" is an album warping you back to the hair metal days and hair spray extravaganza. Excellent songs, great hooks, sweet choruses and slick production! Well balanced running order, adds up to the overall great feeling, and energy boost. Perfectionism comes in the details. The best part of it...it does not sound dated at all... ENJOY!