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Cold - Fans Get It All

Cold - Fans Get It All

By Sarah Krenzelak

I haven't known 115 Bourbon Street to have a relatively recognized band perform in their club. So, how could I pass up a chance to see Cold take stage for a $5.00 show? The event was an early Cinco de Mayo celebration that was put on by local radio station, 94.7 The Zone. The only stipulation was that it was 21 and older plus an increase in the amount for an alcoholic beverage.

The concert started with a band called "Defend Chicago." I was able to catch the last bit of the set only because they started before the time that was stated on the tickets. Next to take stage was Los Angeles band, Depswa. This is one of those bands that I have heard so much about but have never had the opportunity to see. They definitely lived up to their reputation. The band possessed so much energy on stage and unquestionably brought some life to the crowd. The set consisted of new songs like, "This Time" which can be requested on radio stations. Their album hits stores on June 3rd, titled, "Two Angels and a Dream." I recommend checking these guys out on the second stage at Ozz Fest 2003.

At 9:30, Cold takes stage. They start off strong with a song from their self titled album called, "Go away." They then move on to "13 Ways to bleed on stage" with songs like, "No One," "Just got wicked" and "End of the world." They also included their new song, "Suffocate" which can be listened to on the Cold media player at coldonline.com. The song that had the biggest impact on the audience was, "Rain Song." Which is a heart felt song about death and remembrance. They ended the set with their newest hit, "Stupid Girl" which is receiving fantastic support from the radio stations. This was the song I was most looking forward too, but also turned out to be my only disappointment. The melody that Scooter sung was completely different from the single. The chorus was sung at a lower octave and could not compare to the original recording.

Two minutes later, after chants of "COLD!" from the audience, the band takes stage again. This time they played an acoustic set. The crowd remained mellow the entire show but remained mesmerized. The band played for about 15 more minutes before departing for good. Unlike a typical rock show, the fans where not left beaten and bruised but rather a sense of serene filled the air. Cold fan's heavily rely on the meaning of each song, and have a strong sense of connection that is visibly seen on each and every face. Before leaving the club, Cold Street Teamer's handed out a little packet containing importance to the songs behind the new up and coming album, "Year of the Spider" that is due out May 13th and will contain some heartfelt, passionate songs as shown in this concert.

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