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The Belvederes Makes a Name for Themselves in the Burbs

The Belvederes Makes a Name for Themselves in the Burbs

An Interview and Concert Review

By Coren McLeod

The Belvederes Makes a Name for Themselves in the Burbs An Interview and Concert Review By Coren E. McLeod

Chicago is not the only place to see great live music. As previously mentioned, I live far away from the city. I am not ashamed of it. I just look for more local events to attend. When I heard that one of my favorite rockabilly bands had a show at Dublin Mule in Elgin, Illinois, I made sure I made the drive out there to support them.

The Belvederes is a mix of young talent. (The average age is 23 years old among the members.) John Ford is the charming lead singer and guitar player, Joe Alonzo is the fantastic drummer, Tyler Kock on the rhythm section with his stellar bass and the newest member of The Belvederes, Joe Nocchi, on lead guitar.

My first time witnessing this band was about a month prior at the infamous venue Fitzgerald’s in Berwyn, Illinois on November 7th, 2015. That night, the band was releasing their 2nd cd, Beggar’s Heart and opening up for the popular band The 24th Street Wailers. What I noticed about The Belvederes was the cool and collected attitude they have towards music.

The Belvederes got together in 2011 and was involved with more of a garage rock/grunge sound. Their 1st album Self-Titled, The Belvederes showcases what the boys were listening to at that time: guitar heavy riffs with a gritty vocal. One could say the CD can be placed in the punk/mainstream rock category.

Now, with the 2015 release of Beggar’s Heart, The Belvederes are out and about pleasing fans all over Cook, Lake, Kane and McHenry County. There is are few elements of this band that make me love their music: First off, it is simple and pure. The songwriting is true to the heart and I can relate to it. (Especially #3 Closed Doors on Beggar’s Heart) Second, the professionalism the band possesses is just jaw dropping. I have seen my share of local shows and where musicians around the same age got shit-faced drunk. (To be honest, that is not why I come out to support a band. I want to see a performance. I don’t want to hear a rant about why you have mommy issues. Lol.) And third, one can tell The Belvederes love to play music together. There is nothing fake about this band nor the music they play. Each member plays with a huge smile on their face and it’s addictive.

I got to talk to these wonderful gents before their show at the Dublin Mule. The main agenda was to ask how the band has evolved since Joe Nocchi joined the band and what’s in store for 2016. Here is what I found out:

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