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UnRated Magazine Review: Completing The "Music Is A Weapon Tour II" with Disturbed, Unloco stays an extra day in Chicago.
Band Concert Review
Unloco : An Intimate Evening

Unloco : An Intimate Evening

Completing The "Music Is A Weapon Tour II" with Disturbed, Unloco stays an extra day in Chicago.

By Sarah Krenzelak
Photos by Adam Bielawski

All ages events occur frequently on Sunday night at Oasis 160. This past weekend definitely was a treat. Personally, I think that this is one of the best venues to get that nice intimate feel that every fan is hoping to obtain. Oasis 160 has hosted large events, such as Sevendust, which are featured in the club area while most of the concerts are located in the smaller vicinity. This allows the younger teens to attend while the 21 and over crowd can sit at tables towards the back and avoid all the chaos.

UnLocoThis night's concert started at an early time of 6 pm. The opening acts where Memento, Drop, Figure H8 and Factory 81. These bands seemed to have drawn most of the crowd for the night and by the time the main act took stage the capacity dropped significantly. Previous to the night's event, I did not even see any promotion done. I did not even see this concert listed on the website and any fan of this band would WANT to be in attendance to witness this show. The last band up was Austin Texas boys, Unloco. The band performed the previous night, which ended the "Music is a Weapon Tour II", at UIC Pavilion. Originally the show was scheduled to occur at the Aragon Ballroom but because of rapid ticket sales and other unforeseen circumstances event was moved to a larger location. Unloco joined Disturbed, Taproot and Chevelle at the beginning of April. While on tour, their sophomore record hit stores, which is titled, "Becoming 1."

The bonus about being over 21 was that I was able to hang out where ever I wanted. This included the vacated club area which was where the band made an appearance before taking stage around 9:20. Surprise attendee to this event where tour mates, Disturbed, who settled in back to view the show.

UnLocoThe band started off with a song from there first album, "Healing." This album turned out to be a big disappointment. It did not receive the attention that the band, as well as the label, expected it to have. The second time around, for them, definitely turned the band into a success. A few fans actually knew the words to the few songs sang from the first album but most started to brighten up when the familiar songs from "becoming 1" started to flow from the bands instruments. Kids started the routine praise when they hear something they like by joining in a circle and banging each other up. This gave the opportunity to move up to the barricades and become one with the band and the emotion that was pouring out of them. Joey seems to become entranced with the lyrics he is singing, but does not forget to throw some attention to all the supportive fans singing right along with him. During the concert, Joey stated how grateful he was that the fans were there, and that they had the opportunity to play an extended set.

UnLocoTheir first single, "Failure" was definitely a highlight of the night. Joey got out his guitar and started the sweet acoustic sound that led to intense lyrics dealing with the reality of disappointment, which everyone can relate too. The song is unlike the rest of the album and gives an unexpected twist to the show but they pull it off perfectly. The night ended with one last body shaking song, "Bruises" in which kids left with high energy and fulfillment. Unloco is so in touch with their fan base. Throughout the entire show, each and every member did their best to reach out with everyone in the crowd. This continued on after the show when they all stayed around to sign autographs, talk and take pictures. They truly seem grounded and recognize that fans are the most crucial element to their success. I recommend getting a ticket to Ozzfest and catch them on the second stage this summer.

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