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From Zero - Special Night from Chicago Metro

From Zero - Special Night from Chicago Metro

By Sarah Krenzelak

Friday night at the Metro was a special evening for Chicago band, From Zero. With the help of extreme promoting by radio station, The Zone 94.7, the band threw its record release party for "My so-called Life," which hit stores the previous week. The concert was at the cheap price of $9.47, a promotional tool by the Zone. From Zero has been getting serious airplay, on the station, and have been in the top 20 for several weeks now. Reforma was first to take stage and definitely were a hard act to follow. Body surfing was the trend the ENTIRE night, and grew stronger as each band took stage. After Reforma was Life Without, who were a harder then the rest of the bands. They had a strong crowd following right up front to sing every song with them. Blank Theory were unquestionably a crowd pleaser and appeared on stage next. Singer, Nathan Leone, sported a shirt that read, "Get Cloned," while his identical brother, Michael, was up on stage completely in sync with moves that Nathan performed. Later on in the set, Nathan climbed up to the top of a light tower and dropped backwards into the arms of the many fans, who crowd surfed him back to the stage.

The intermissions between the sets were a mere 15 minutes, which left little time to reflect on the previous bands and at 9:15 From Zero hit stage. The band started out with a strong song called, "This Time," which got the audience going from the start. Guitarist, Joe Pettinato, had insane energy and was connecting with the fans from the first song. Next up was a mellower track called, "Believe." The song gave the audience a chance to see a softer side of the band and to focus on the music. Each song strongly resembled the c.d. version and provided a positive reaction from the audience.

The fans seemed like they increased energy by the minute. The band continued with songs such as "Myself" and "Sold Out" and the body surfing continued to rise with at least 2 in the air at a time. "My so-called life" was up next, which gave the band time to promote the c.d. Anyone who bought a copy of it at the concert was able to hang out with the band after the show on the top floor of The Metro. They mentioned this at least twice but fans still had the opportunity to meet the band because they continued to socialize outside the building and in the bar next door.

The band continued on with the show by performing "I don't care anymore" and then moved on to their hit song, "Sorry." "Sorry" tends to be a little different from the rest of the album but brings in a flavor that became instantly radio friendly. As stated by Jett, the song was written to his wife, who happened to be watching from the audience. The last song of the night was "Fleeting Glimpse." This was a great song to end with because of the intense guitar solo towards the end. This gave Jett the opportunity to jump into the audience and participated in the crowd surfing. The energy continued on until the last note was played and the band departed to meet with the fans. It was yet another magnificent Chicago band doing another outstanding Chicago show.

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