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UnRated Magazine Music Reviews
Music Reviews Music Reviews Music Reviews

Entering the Great Lakes Naval Base you want to tip your head to all the men and women who are in training and as you drive into the 1,932 acre facility one has to remember that this site was added to the National Register of Historic Places. The grounds of the Naval Base were open to the public... (Read More)

Summer Camp Music Festival 2014 Jun-05-2014

Summer Camp – what a fitting way to kick off the summer season in Illinois. The overall mood was rich with happiness and the anticipation of better things to come. From when you pulled up will when you packed up, the whole operation was run smoothly and without any big negative concerns.

... (Read More)
Barry Gibb Is Not Alone from Chicago's United Center May-31-2014

Barry Gibb of the band The Bee Gees came to Chicago to perform a solo concert during his Mythology Tour 2014 at the United Center on Tuesday, May 27, 2014, in Chicago.

This was the first tour he had done in his career without his brother’s support, with the death of his brothers Marcie ... (Read More)

Steve Vai in Full Grandeur at De Roma Theater | Belgium Apr-29-2014

On September 7, 2014, Steve Vai and his band were scheduled at the wonderful De Roma Theater, an old theatre restored into its classical grandeur without discarding the fact it had been closed for more than 3 decades. During those days the magical atmosphere it was known for crumbled and the ... (Read More)

Mike Epps Late Night Comedy Tour Leaves Chicago Winded Apr-29-2014

Mike Epps rolled his successful Late Night Comedy Tour into Chicago for two shows at the Arie Crown Theater April 19. Fans packed the theater for grown & sexy late night laughs. The show featured Mike Epps and two opening acts. One of the openers was Chicago native, Kenny Howell. Howell got the a... (Read More)

Gemini Syndrome at Mojoes Feb-28-2014

Prior to the show and at an upscale restaurant across the street from the venue, I sat down with Gemini Syndrome, lead vocalist, Aaron Nordstrom and asked him what I should expect from him and his band's performance set to take place in just a couple of short hours. Aaron, who has an extreme pres... (Read More)

Slayer LIVE in Chicago Nov-21-2013

"Fuck all that shit; Slayer was fucking awesome!"

What can be said about tonight that hasn't already been written? Metal isn't dead, the crowd was fantastic, and the band simply rocks. Slayer has been out there since the 80s, and unlike another all too obvious ... (Read More)

My Bloody Valentine Live at the Aragon Chicago Nov-08-2013

My Bloody Valentine return to the Aragon almost 5 years to the day after the first reunion show brought back the sonic-shoegazing sound that made them icons in music. This time promoting their new (3rd full-length) album, "mbv". The first new studio release album in 22 years.

My Blood... (Read More)

The Rabid Whole Touring the Cold Wave II Festival Nov-02-2013

I'm going to be honest here. I wasn't at all too thrilled to be covering the band The Rabid Whole ("TRW"). I mean, it had zero to do with the band itself and everything to do with the fact that this writer had already way too much on her plate to focus on one more live performance. But, as st... (Read More)

Stereophonics Live at The Vic Chicago Oct-23-2013

When I found out Stereophonics was coming to Chicago, I practically sprung out of my chair and straight into a colleague of mine....who by the way was carrying three full and hot cups of hipster brand coffee. (*Oops.) But, I was SO excited!! I mean, who wouldn't be?! -- It's Stereophonics! ... (Read More)

Music Reviews
Music Reviews
Music Reviews
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